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The Scoop - Tuesday August 27, 2019

Tuesday August 27, 2019


#StaffTracker: A one stop page where you can keep track of how the new head coaches are filling their staffs. NFL – XFL – FBS – FCS

New Hampshire: Coach Mac is taking a health-related leave of absence.

Matt Canada: Out of the game for the time being, Matt Canada says he'd like to return as a head coach; but noted he might be back in soon.

James Franklin: The Penn State head coach and the university have responded to the lawsuit and allegations directed at them by a former staffer.

FootballScoop Bold Predictions: USC, Mike Tomlin, Brian Kelly, Urban Meyer, Ohio State, Notre Dame - they're all mentioned in the FootballScoop Bold Predictions for the 2019 season.

Urban Meyer: Urban explains why life away from coaching has forced him to "retrain his whole life."

Penn State: A former staffer is suing James Franklin and Penn State. Details here.

Missouri: Former Eastern Arizona assistant Beyah Rasool joined the Missouri staff as a defensive assistant this Summer.

Notre Dame: Athletic director Jack Swarbrick doesn't keep a short list in his desk. He explains why, and also why he prefers to reflect on one important question during coaching searches. Read more here.

Pac-12: It sounds like, in 2020 and beyond, the Pac-12 is really going through with this 9 a.m. kickoff thing. Is this really a good idea?