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The Scoop - Wednesday August 21, 2019

Wednesday August 21, 2019

football turnover chains ad 2

#StaffTracker: A one stop page where you can keep track of how the new head coaches are filling their staffs. NFL – XFL – FBS – FCS

Memorial plans for Wendy Anderson have been set. Please continue to keep the Andersons in your thoughts and prayers.

XFL: The XFL has unveiled all eight teams' nicknames and logos. You know you want to look.

Mike Leach: Where can you find the worst visitor's locker room in college football? Mike Leach explains where it is, and why it has "the ultimate touch of brilliance."

Houston: A plaintiff has filed a $20 million lawsuit against the University of Houston, alleging racial discrimination in the school's hiring of Dana Holgorsen. Might they have a point?

Tom Herman: The Texas head coach has done something every coach with a cellphone and a free 15 minutes can copy.

Scout Team: Geoff Collins has scrapped the traditional approach to scout teams at Georgia Tech for a new model. Read more on it here.

Radio host tweets speculation about a head coach on the hot seat. The AD jumps in and responds

Power 5:How much each Power 5 program spends on recruiting.

Steve Spurrier: How about that time Steve Spurrier was almost the head coach at North Carolina...

The News: How to define success -- Georgia Tech partnering with local children's hospital for some very special alternate unis -- #ScholarshipAlert with a pizza man and the player's wife -- Nebraska bringing black "The Blackshirts" alternate unis -- all that and much, much more...