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The Scoop - Wednesday August 30, 2017

Wednesday August 30, 2017


Philadelphia Eagles: Former Georgia State head coach Trent Miles has joined the Eagles' staff full-time, serving as offensive assistant reports Tom James of the Tribune-Star. Miles worked camp for the Eagles prior to getting this contract.

Baltimore Ravens: Former Ravens linebacker Zach Orr, who retired earlier this year due to medical reasons, will work with the club's coaching staff and personnel department this fall. Orr will work with linebackers and sit in on special teams meetings, but said he's leaning toward pursuing scouting in the future.

Iowa: Head coach Kirk Ferentz has agreed to take a voluntary $50,000 pay cut this season, taking his base salary from $2,470,000 down to $2,420,000. His total compensation is $4.55 million for this season. Ferentz later added that the pay cut was so that he could hire another football staff member "to help the program."

Ed Cunningham leaves ESPN. “I can just no longer be in that cheerleader’s spot.”

#WarmUp: Bill Snyder tries to figure a fidget spinner, some of the best juke moves ever compiled, and why is Kirby Smart getting updates about what people think of their depth chart during practice? Wednesday's One Minute Warm Up.

Jim Harbaugh now has his own podcast

Gene Chizik's advice for coaches to win on the field and in life: "Plan your work, then work your plan."