The Scoop - Wednesday August 31, 2016

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Wednesday August 31, 2016


Chris Mortensen: Mort announced very good news today with regards to his recovery from Stage IV throat cancer which was diagnosed in early January. Mort noted that through intensive chemotherapy and radiation, the cancer has been reduced to virtually zero detection. There is still a path to follow for best possible recovery; but we're happy to hear Mort is now in the recovery phase as opposed to treatment. Mort adds that he anticipates being able to participate in some limited coverage of this NFL season soon enough.

College Football Picks: Join The Scoop guys in picking 10 games each week. Top 3 at end of season win fabulous FootballScoop merchandise. League is open to any; but to join you need the password: the scoop

21 beautiful sights, sounds, smells and sensations that make football special

Nick Saban: Nick Saban tells Emily Kaplan of the MMQB, "I used to think at the end of the day, being a head coach in the NFL was the No. 1 thing. But when I got to that, it was like, well maybe you already had the No. 1 thing for you and what you like."

Rutgers brought in a "hypnogician" for a highly entertaining team meeting

Georgia: Kevin Bulter, a former College Hall of Fame kicker for the program who spent time in the NFL, has joined the staff and is working with the kickers and punters.

Making it fun: Excellent article about how Pete Carroll, Joe Maddon and Steve Kerr ensure their program is a fun place to be...and how that translate to greater success.

Warm Up: Iowa State with a quality recruiting graphic, excellent weight room quote, and the message Oregon State puts inside each player's shoes... Wednesday's Warm Up.