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Sunday September 21, 2008

Weekly Poll Result

If USC played an SEC schedule, how would Pete Carroll's staff finish?

30% 10-2

25% 11-1

19% 9-3

16% 12-0

10% 8-4

FootballScoop has released the new highly anticipated instructional DVD series from Missouri offensive coordinator, Dave Christensen. You can purchase the new DVD series today. Dave Christensen is currently leading the most explosive offense in college football at the University of Missouri.

Winning Offensive Line Drills: Vol. 1 - Warm-up and Evaluation Drills ... 40&new=yes

Winning Offensive Line Drills: Vol. 2 - Individual and Group Run-Blocking Drills ... 41&new=yes

Winning Offensive Line Drills: Vol. 3 - Individual and Group Pass-Blocking Drills ... 42&new=yes

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