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Friday May 22, 2009

Tennessee: Breaking news on the Strength Scoop

Hinds Community College: FootballScoop has just learned that Hinds CC assistant coach J.J. Plummer has accepted the head coaching job at North Pontotac HS in Mississippi.

Indianapolis Colts: Recently retired coaches Tom Moore and Howard Mudd will work for the team as consultants.

West Liberty University: We hear defensive backs coach Tom Bruney has resigned to accept a head high school job in Ohio.

The Coach Tracker: In the past 4 days, another 1,000 high school football coaches have updated their contact information via The Coach Tracker. If you have yet to update your contact info, please take 2 minutes to do so.

Note: Earlier this week in THE EXTRA POINT presented by Wilson, we asked you to let us know who you think started the idea of using 2 full-time coaches to instruct the wide receivers. According to some very well known coaches that emailed in, the 2 earliest accounts go back to Coach Mouse Davis and Coach Mark Dufner. In fact, when Dufner served as the head coach at Maryland, Rob Spence (Syracuse OC) and John Shannon (Marshall OC) served as his 2 wide receiver coaches. We appreciate all the emails, including the 14 different coaches that emailed in claiming "TONY FRANKLIN. That's easy."

The Extra Point presented by Wilson

Wilson...The Official Ball of the NCAA Football Championships

We thought it was interesting that Baylor head coach Art Briles is the only coach in the country to have 2 recruiting cooridnators, one for each side of the ball. Inside receivers coach Kendal Briles serves as the Offensive Recruiting Coordinator. Defensive backs coach Kim McCloud serves as the Defensive Recruiting Coordinator.

Sure, plenty of coaches in the profession think programs should do away with the "Recruiting Coordinator" title. As one highly respected D1 assistant told us, "There's only one 'Recruiting Coordinator' in the country who truly believes his job is to 'coordinate the recruiting process'. And don't ask me who."

In fact, several programs do not give out a "Recruiting Coordinator" title to any assistant coach.

Let us know what your thoughts are on the "Recruiting Coordinator" title. You can email us