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Tuesday May 26, 2009

Iowa: Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz has promoted student assistant Charles Bullen to defensive GA.

Miami Dolphins: Former Bridgewater State College player, Adam Howe, has joined the Dolphins' scouting department. Howe has been named a Scouting Assistant.

Indiana: Check the DFO Scoop

Iowa: Check the DFO Scoop

Nichols State: We hear there is an assistant coaching position open at Nicholls State.

Oregon State: We hear at least 4 phone interviews were conducted last week for the Assistant Operations job. Our sources tell us at least 2 sitting D1 DFO's are interested. We also hear an east coast D1-AA coach is involved.

Pennsylvania State Strength & Conditioning Clinic at Juniata College: Pennsylvania State Strength & Conditioning Clinic, Friday, June 12 & 13, 2009 - Over 30 Speakers & Hands-on Sessions. 18 Contact Hours of Continuing Education Credit for the Following: National Strength and Conditioning Association, Board of Certification (NATA Members), Pennsylvania Act 48 /Physical Education Teachers, New Jersey Department of Education, $230.00 Package. Room & Board, Thursday & Friday Night Lodging, Registration, 4 Meals, Bar-B-Q, Clinic Portfolio, Clinic DVD, T-Shirt, Other Packages Available. Contact for Additional Information: Doug Smith, Clinic Director, 814-641-3502

The Extra Point presented by Wilson

Wilson...The Official Ball of the NCAA Football Championships

So, what is an "Assistant Coordinator"? Well, you would have to ask Bob Stoops or Urban Meyer. These 2 head coaches are the only coaches in the country that have an assistant coach with the responsibility and title of Assistant Coordinator.

Oklahoma lists Jay Norvell as the Assistant Offensive Coordinator.

Oklahoma lists Bobby Jack Wright as the Assistant Defensive Coordinator.

Florida lists Chuck Heater as the Assistant Defensive Coordinator.

Let's be honest, though. Stoops and Meyer know what they are doing. Unless you live in a cave, you might remember the Gators and Sooners played for the national championship last season.

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