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Wednesday July 15, 2009 (Update 2)

Iowa State: Check the DFO Scoop. We have a new link for the DFO Scoop placed on the Top Menu Bar in green.

Coaches: Over 90 programs have setup a subscription to The Coach Tracker. Before August camp gets going, go ahead and set up your subscription. Call us at 225-445-8223 or 662-202-6408 to learn more and setup a subcription. Here are some of the comments we are hearing since sending out The Coach Tracker on July 1st.

The Coach Tracker

"The Coach Tracker is absolutely huge for me. Being in charge of the high school coaches' gameday ticket list, I will use The Coach Tracker every Monday morning of home games to send out an email to all the head coaches in our state. The email will let them know that they have until 5 pm on Wednesday to reserve their tickets to our home game on Saturday. This will save us a ton of money because we won't send a mailout anymore, that's 44 cents a pop." Director of High School Relations at SEC program

"I absolutely cannot believe you have all this information. It's huge for us. Our head coach is so pumped that we decided to subscribe to The Coach Tracker. Now that we have the cell number and email address of nearly every head high school coach, we will have our GA's doing alot more phone recruiting in territories we don't usually cover. And I bet with one of our GA's, he's a real worker, he will sign someone." Director of Football Operations at Big East program

"This is phenomenal. We talked as a staff how valuable The Coach Tracker can be to our program. Most importanly to me, the price is much lower than we expected. We've actually talked as a staff about ways this service will make money for us." D3 Head Football Coach

The Grad Assistant Flip Chart: We have released the Grad Assistant Flip Chart. Go to the lower right side of our homepage.

More scoop on the way...