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Friday September 18, 2009

Friday morning: Coaches Quick Hits

NFL coaches to college: A number of NFL assistant coaches are increasingly concerned about what their contracts for the 2011 season will look like with a lockout on the horizon. Larry Kennan, the executive director of the NFL Coaches Association, said the assistants fear that teams will write their contracts with provisions if there is no season. "Basically, there's going to be an amount if there is a season and a lot less if there's not," Kennan said. "That's what everybody is expecting and a lot of guys are worried about it." There isn't much many assistant coaches can do about that, so expect a fair number of coaches to look at college jobs, where there will be more security in the short term. That could mean an exodus of assistants from the NFL ranks for a season or two. "I could easily see that happening," Kennan said. "There's more security and, by and large, the lifestyle at the college level is a lot more manageable."