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Wednesday October 21, 2009

Wednesday: Coaches Quick Hits

Michigan: Athletic director Bill Martin announced this morning that he will retire on September 4, 2010.

Minnesota Vikings: There is a report the Vikings would like to agree to a new contract extension with head coach Brad Childress in the new few weeks.

Iowa: According to a contract extension signed this summer, Kirk Ferentz is eligible for the following incentives:

- $225,000 if Iowa finishes among the top 10 of the final USA Today poll (as well as $275,000 for a top five finish, and $500,000 for a national championship).

- $175,000 for an outright Big Ten title, or $100,000 for a shared championship.

- $175,000 for appearing in a BCS bowl game.

Other incentives include $50,000 for being named national coach of the year, $25,000 for Big Ten coach of the year, and $75,000 for maintaining an annual graduation rate of more than 70 percent. Ferentz's contract also stipulates that nine of his top assistant coaches receive salary increases based on the team's success - up to 15 percent if the team finishes in the top five in the country. When contacted through e-mail about his potential bonuses, Ferentz replied, "We'll cross that bridge if and when we get to it." Though some say Ferentz could make a statement by redirecting bonus money during tough economic times, Barta said Ferentz has earned incentives through a contract that is competitive with those at other major colleges. "I'm so excited for what our coaches and student-athletes have done," said Barta, referring to Iowa's 7-0 start and No. 6 ranking in the BCS standings. "This is exactly what we set out to do - have great success."