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Wednesday October 28, 2009

Wednesday: Coaches Quick Hits

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Indiana: AD Fred Glass made it clear this morning that head coach Bill Lynch will remain the head coach of the Hoosiers. Glass reiterated that he has total confidence in Lynch and expects him to be the coach for many years to come.

Minnesota: Joel Maturi, expanding on his comments from last week about Tim Brewster's future, said Tuesday that the University of Minnesota football coach's job appears safe, even if the team loses the rest of its games this year.

Minnesota's athletics director had said Friday that extension talks were likely if Brewster won the rest of his regular-season games to go 9-3, but that losing the rest to finish 4-8 would make for "different discussions."

"I didn't mean anything other than the thoughts of giving somebody a contract extension and a raise (after losing six games in a row) probably wouldn't be likely," Maturi said Tuesday. "That's what it amounts to. I'm trying to be honest and open, but I'm not going to make any of those decisions until the end of the year."

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