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The Scoop - Sunday October 17, 2021

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LSU: Take a look at our list of early candidates for the LSU opening

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Ed O: A large reason why LSU and Orgeron's mutual parting of ways was so, well, mutual? The man is getting his money.

Podcast: The FootballScoop Podcast Week 7 reaction episode is live. We talk through debacle at Tennessee, the OU game day experience, the best and worst in each conference.

LSU: LSU and Ed Orgeron have reached a separation agreement. Orgeron is expected to complete the season but will not return in 2022. More on the news here

Gus Malzahn: After their loss to Cincinnati, Malzahn flew to Birmingham to be with his daughter, Kenzie Stander, who had given birth to her first child earlier this week. Kenzie was re-admitted to the hospital on Saturday due to post-birth complications. The school shared in a recent statement that Kenzie is stable and doing well.

Costly Mistake: During a D-III matchup on Saturday, Wisconsin-Platteville provided a painful reminder of what happens in football when 10 guys know the plan but the 11th is reading from his own script.

Auburn vs. Arkansas: For the second year in a row, Arkansas was on the wrong end of a no-fumble call that could have made a difference in the Razorbacks' loss to Auburn.

Lane Kiffin: After escaping Rocky Top with a win after fans were throwing objects onto the field, Kiffin shares "Just glad I didn't get hit with those golf balls."

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