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The Scoop - Tuesday October 19, 2021

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CoachComm 9-21-2021

Veteran coach Ron Kuceyeski is looking for help from the coaching community as the former Ohio high school head coach and Mount Union assistant exhausts all options looking for a liver transplant for his wife, Kathy - a longtime educator. A condition known as non-alcoholic Steatphepatitis (NASH) has taken a toll on Kathy's liver, and Ron and the family are searching for a living donor between 18-55 years old, in good health, that has a desire to help (with no history of liver disease, heart disease, diabetes, or cancer). The liver is one of the few organs we have that can regenerate itself, taking 8-10 weeks to grow back to full size. If you can directly help, please reach out to Ron directly at 330-206-2160. If you aren't a potential match please join us in sharing this call for help, and also in praying that a living donor will be found for Kathy.

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CoachComm: The Cobalt PLUS coaching headset system featuring the SmartBoom® PRO headset provides you with more users, more flexibility than ever before, and all with the audio performance you've come to expect from CoachComm.​And now, there’s even more. Cobalt PLUS also enables coaches to communicate with players during practice using the NEW Cobalt PLUS Player Receiver. With the power of Cobalt PLUS, coaches can now experience communication without compromise and can help you get the most out of your coaching headsets.

Tennessee: Tennessee and Jeremy Pruitt are locked in a game of chicken with a $12 million prize.

Georgia: Scott Cochran has returned to work after two months away.

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Dabo Swinney: Asked today about Bruce Feldman's report mentioning him for the LSU opening, Dabo responded, "This is the only Death Valley I'm concerned about...that's for sure."

High school streak: One of the longest streaks is all of football...has ended. 47 years! Wow. 

Bret Bielema: Bret Bielema gets brutally honest about the talent and development of the Illinois roster he inherited.

North Alabama (FCS): The University of North Alabama is looking for a home game, November 5, 2022. Please reach out to Todd Vardaman at if interested.

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Washington State: Nick Rolovich, as well as four other unvaccinated assistant coaches, were officially terminated with cause last night. More details here.

AAC: After swinging and missing on some big names at the Group of Five level, the AAC is expected to field six applications for expansion to grow to a 14-team league.

LSU: Jimbo Fisher gave about 99 million reasons why he's not interested in leaving Texas A&M.

Jon Gruden: After stepping away four years into his massive 10-year $100 million deal, how much do the Raiders owe Jon Gruden?

LSU: Take a look at our list of early candidates for the LSU opening.

Tennessee: The SEC levied their punishment on the Tennessee program following the embarrassment that occurred Saturday night at Neyland. 

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