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The Scoop - Tuesday October 5, 2021

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CoachComm 9-21-2021

Podcast: Talking culture and drinking queso with UTSA's Jeff Traylor.

CoachComm: The Cobalt PLUS coaching headset system featuring the SmartBoom® PRO headset provides you with more users, more flexibility than ever before, and all with the audio performance you've come to expect from CoachComm.​And now, there’s even more. Cobalt PLUS also enables coaches to communicate with players during practice using the NEW Cobalt PLUS Player Receiver. With the power of Cobalt PLUS, coaches can now experience communication without compromise and can help you get the most out of your coaching headsets.

Expanding the scholarship limit: This appears to be happening. Tomorrow. 

Urban Meyer: Jaguars' ownership has released a statement on Urban

FIU: With Butch Davis nearing retirement, FIU posts head coaching job.

Miami Dolphins: Linebackers coach Anthony Campanile is back from his time away from the team due to COVID-19 protocols, Joe Schad tweets.

Warner (NAIA - FL): After a little over two seasons, head coach Kirk Talley has decided to step down. Details here.

Joe Moorhead: The Oregon OC is still in the Bay Area after reportedly undergoing surgery.

Trinity University (D-III - TX): Trinity is searching for a week 2 home game on Sept. 10, 2022. Travel guarantee available. If interested, please contact HC Jerheme Urban at 210-999-8296 or

Lane Kiffin: Lane told the CBS audience pre-game to get their popcorn ready. Down 28-0 at halftime, the Ole Miss head coach told his offensive coordinator, "It looks like we didn't plug the microwave in."

Harbaugh vs. Fangio: Did John Harbaugh and the Ravens break an unwritten rule of football in their win Sunday, or are Vic Fangio and the Broncos just being salty? Here's what happened. You decide.

Urban Meyer: After trending on Twitter over the weekend for a video that went viral, Urban has apologized to the Jaguars.

2021-22 Head Coaching Change Page: Keep track of all the NFL and college head coaching movement via this tracking page.