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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Tuesday July 14, 2009

Coach Petrino wanted a turf field instead of natural grass. Check out the photos of the new field at the University of Arkansas. Link...

Jeff Bowden coaching the UNA wide receivers as a volunteer coach: Jeff also had the benefit of receiving a lucrative buyout from Seminole Boosters, Inc., which agreed to pay him a total of $537,500 in annual installments through 2012. At North Alabama, Jeff is technically a volunteer coach - not a paid member of the staff - and so the FSU booster club is still writing those checks. Link...

Notre Dame and UCONN agree to play 5 games over the next several years. How about this... all 5 games will be played in South Bend.

Very informative Q&A with new Oregon AD Mike Bellotti: Oregon athletic director Mike Bellotti invited the media into his new corner office Monday afternoon. Link...

On the bus: Miami will bus its football team to games at South Florida in Tampa and Central Florida in Orlando instead of flying, saving $140,000. Tulane says it will fly only to games if the opponent is at least 400 miles away. Virginia Tech will bus its teams to Maryland, saving $80,000. Central Florida will save $50,000 by busing teams to Florida State.

Cutting Media Guides: Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Oregon, Texas A&M (except football), Iowa State, Rice, South Florida, Arkansas State, Ohio Valley Conference and the Mid-American Conference are all eliminating printed media guides. The Pac-10 has proposed NCAA legislation that would ban printed media in all sports.

Cutting Media Days: The Big Sky Conference, Ohio Valley Conference, Southern Conference and Sun Belt Conference are all dropping in-person media days, opting for teleconferences in some cases. The Mid-American Conference and Western Athletic Conference are eliminating them for basketball only.

Reducing Travel Squads: The Atlantic Coast Conference voted to cap football travel squads for league games at 72 players. Conference USA reduced the size of its travel squads from 70 to 66 in football.