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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Sunday August 2, 2009

Boise State coach visit with Chicago Bears: Special teams coach Jeff Choate visited the Chicago Bears in the offseason looking for ideas to improve the kick return game.

Remember coaches, it's about PLAYERS: As respected and fine a teacher as Norm Chow has been throughout his career, the UCLA offensive coordinator witnessed his quarterbacks throw for a school record 20 interceptions last season.

UCLA assistants Wayne Moses and Frank Gansz Jr. receive pay raises: Former defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker landed the head coach job at New Mexico State after last season, which has been a financial boost to the Bruins, who were able to raise a few assistant coach salaries in tight financial times. Walker made $375,000 last season. He was replaced by linebackers coach Chuck Bullough, who will make about $300,000 this season. The remainder of the money was spread around to others, including running backs coach Wayne Moses and special teams coach Frank Gansz Jr.

Alabama high school coach's salaries and job responsibilities: The average salary for Mobile County's 13 head high school football coaches is $69,395, while the seven head football coaches in Baldwin County earn an average of $70,482, according to figures provided by the school systems. Link...

Tennessee high school athletics heat policy: Tennessee high school athletes must limit outdoor practices when the heat index reaches 95 degrees under a new rule by the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association. Heat indexes measure the combination of the air temperature and relative humidity. When heat indexes fall between 95 and 99 degrees, coaches must provide mandatory water breaks every 30 minutes. Between 100 and 104 degrees, athletes may change practice uniforms and reduce activity if no air conditioning is available. With a heat index above 104 degrees, all outdoor activity and indoor activity in places without air conditioning must be stopped.