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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday August 6, 2009

Southern Miss 1st day of practice film:Video...

Nick Saban's plan for August: "You always have some camp objectives that are important to having an outstanding football team," coach Nick Saban said, "and even though you all would probably be more inclined to think who's going to play left tackle and who's going to be the backup quarterback, the most important thing to us as a coaching staff is to get the intangibles in place so that we can get the kind of consistency and execution that you need to play winning football on a consistent basis."

Do high school football coaches make too much money? In a word, no. Not when coaches routinely put in 70- or 80-hour work weeks. Not when coaches fill a parental void and often serve as the only male role model a teenage boy has in his life. And not when every coaching decision is cussed and discussed on Internet message boards. Link...

Iowa State saving money: Iowa State officials claim they'll save nearly $100,000 by opting not to print media guides this season.

Mack Brown can make $6 million this year: Brown's contract has him making $3.1 million for the 2009 season. Brown will receive another $2 million if he remains UT's coach through Jan. 15, 2010 . That would put him over the $5 million mark for this season. If the Horns win the national title, Brown will earn an extra $650,000, bringing his total to $5.75 million. And he also could make an additional $150,000 if 75 percent of his seniors graduate. Link...

Former UGA quarterback David Greene will co-host pre-game radio and post-game call-in show for the Bulldogs. Greene recently retired from the NFL.

What do you make of Jim Harbaugh's comments about Northwestern football? "Some of these teams are playing Delaware State (as Harbaugh's alma mater, Michigan, is) or Towson (Northwestern). You know, somebody really ought to take notice of this stuff. You have eight or nine wins and so you're a great football team? Well, what if you played four patsies in your nonconference and then you only won half your conference games and so you get to go play in the Alamo Bowl and everyone says you're a great team. That's what happens. There's no question that the Pac-10 doesn't get that respect for playing teams out of conference of like caliber. Maybe some of these teams have a 1-AA team in there but it's rare."

Nick Saban pre-camp press conference:Video