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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Friday August 27, 2009

Randy Shannon not interested in possible QB transfer: On Thursday morning, Shannon was asked about the radio comment and if he expected quarterbacks to be joining the team soon. "No, no, no, no, no,'' Shannon replied. "It's like anything. You get a lot of kids that want to transfer in and stuff like that. We're solid for what we're going to do this year. We're recruiting quarterbacks. I can't get into recruiting. We have guys that we want and stuff like that [who] have a lot of interest in us. And that's all we're going to worry about that.''

Fedora taking stance on special teams: The Golden Eagles' special teams were awful last year, costing the team a handful of wins, and Fedora has vowed to do something about it. The second-year coach has given himself special teams duties, added more meeting and practice time, and is paying much closer attention. The kickers missed 41 percent of their field goals last year, the coverage teams had holes and some Golden Eagles showed they weren't exactly team players with tepid participation. Fedora says it's all about changing attitudes this season.

NC State assistant Dana Bible coaches the QB's and WR's: What makes Williams and N.C. State unusual is the team's method of study. Wolfpack coach Tom O'Brien believes having quarterbacks and wide receivers meet together improves a team's passing game. That's why O'Brien has offensive coordinator Dana Bible in charge of both quarterbacks and wide receivers. "Since we are in the offensive meeting room with the quarterbacks and offensive coordinator, instead of just seeing what the wide receivers need to do, we see the whole field and get to learn the defense and what the defense is giving us," Williams said. Bible is the only assistant in the ACC who coaches both positions. He also was responsible for both position groups under O'Brien at Boston College from 1999 through 2006.

Tony Franklin talks about successful experience at Troy: "Early on with the offense, we lost to Nebraska 56-0 and then we lost to UAB 21-3. The offense was awful. After the UAB loss we went into the locker room and the defense had played well. And if the defensive staff had been bitching, moaning, griping, or complaining it could trickle down to the players. Then the players start to do it and you can start to have an issue. Coach Blakeney stood up in the locker room and he was really direct and he said, 'We're going to do this and it's going to work.' " "Then, Elbert Mack, who's now a corner for the Tampa Bay Bucs, stood up and said he believed in what we were doing on offense. That did it. From there we won seven of our next eight. We got better each week." In 2007, Troy played three SEC teams on the road, scoring 26 against Arkansas, 31 against Florida, and 34 against Georgia. They also scored 41 points to beat Oklahoma State by 18.

Tennessee is placing billboards across the South, a little Friday morning humor: