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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Monday August 31, 2009

Interesting quote from VA Tech head coach Frank Beamer: "Everybody wants to talk about rankings and all this, that and the other," Beamer said. "Well, I'm not into that. To me, it's about winning football games. I think you look at your football team and you do what they needed to do to win. I think offensively that we've done that. It's kind of some unselfish coaches involved there, too. But, sometimes, you've got to do what your talent says you do and play to your strength. I'm pleased that we're one of three teams [Texas and Southern Cal] that have won 10 games each of the past five years. You think about that. And, offensively, I've said sometimes that we've gotten behind at a couple of positions. But I really think we're getting caught up now and I feel better about it. I think we're in a better position to consistently run the football and consistently throw the football."

Redskins coach goes off on TV analyst Trevor Matich:Video...

(Rough week for Matich. We also hear him incorrectly talk about the 20-hour rule on ESPN Radio, and then talks poorly about Rich Rod. Come on, man. That Michigan story is a non-story.)

Interesting quote from Derek Dooley: "We're going to build it from the ground up, and we're going to build it with freshmen each year," Dooley said. It's not a knock on them (transfers), it's just that there are red flags," he said. "When you talk about recruiting, there's minimizing risk. That's the key. I think the more transfers you get, the more risk you have."

Muschamp cranking it up at Texas: Before August turns to September, it's not a fair fight. "Unless your defense is whipping your offense every day," Brown said, "you've got problems."By all accounts, the Texas Longhorns have no such worries this season. In what Brown has called the most encouraging preseason camp of his 12-year tenure at UT, the unquestioned star has been coordinator Will Muschamp's defense. Link...

Syracuse player talks about DC Scott Shafter, and Q&A with Shafer: "Shafer's a genius defensive coordinator," sophomore defensive end Mikhail Marinovich said. "He has these schemes that are unblockable. If you run them right you have one more guy than they have. It's a blast. I love it." Link...

Q&A with Syracuse OC Rob Spence:Link...

MTSU continues to build program: MTSU has balanced its campaigns between single-game and season-ticket sales the last few years. Massaro said total football ticket revenue reached nearly $900,000 last season. "The next step is to get that to $1 million each year," Massaro said. "Our season tickets are only $90, so in the future you would hope to maybe sell 10,000 season tickets at $100 apiece, and that's $1 million right there. "But we need to grow the individual game tickets and not just the season tickets. We're trying to stair-step our fans, where if they come for one game, we want to push them to come to a second game. And if two people sample a game, then maybe they'll come back with two more people. We've had pretty good success with growing that way. There's been progress."
MTSU averaged 20,227 in home attendance per game last season, its highest in school history for home schedules with only games on campus (2006 season included one game at Nashville's LP Field).
Massaro said increased ticket revenue allows MTSU to continue to bring attractive opponents like Memphis and Mississippi State to Floyd Stadium. Of course, those type games draw higher ticket sales, thus establishing a cycle for which MTSU would likely benefit. Link..

BTW: The Michigan story from over the weekend is a non-story. Tell the disgruntled player(s) to go home. FootballScoop backs Rich Rod and his staff.