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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Friday September 4, 2009

Brand new Pitt Panthers football website:Link...

Northern Illinois head coach Jerry Kills comments on contract extension: "It's not just about me, it's about the staff," Kill said. "We've all done this together. It's a neat thing. We love coaching football. It's today's world, it's a difficult profession. We do what we love and we're committed to being here."

So Auburn did talk with Derek Dooley about the head coaching position:He was one of a handful of candidates to be part of the preliminary interviews for Auburn's head coaching position last December, meeting with athletics director Jay Jacobs. Despite the discussions with Auburn, Dooley downplays its significance. "Well, I'm not sure I'd really call it an interview process," Dooley said. "It was really some early discussions that Jay had with many coaches around the country. I've known Jay, and I have a lot of respect for what he does. I think he has made a great decision on the new head coach."

Coaching survey responses

The Denver Post sent out a survey to all 120 Division I-A coaches this summer. Here is how the 42 who responded voted.

1. Which issue is the biggest facing college football today?

8: Finances

8: Playoff system

5: Disparity between BCS and non-BCS

3: Internet/new media

2: APR report

2: Balance between academics, football

1: Outside interests

1: Transition to college

1: Agents

1: Recruiting rules

1: Player morality

1: Sportsmanship

1: Pressure to win

1: More games, same scholarship numbers

1: Time with player

1: Cheating with recruiting

2. Should there be a:

16: Plus-One

10: Eight-team playoff

3: Four-team playoff

2: 16 teams

1: 64 teams

3. Should the five non-BCS conferences have better access to BCS Bowls

24: Yes

14: No

2: Maybe

4. More or less cheating in recruiting now than 20 years ago?

35: Less

4: Same

1: No idea

0: More

5. When violations happen, what area?

23: Contact periods

14: Middle men

3: Cash and cars

2: Academics

1: No idea

6. Has the APR report helped college players graduate?

24: Yes

15: No

3: Don't know

7. Should there be an early signing period, and if so, when?

28: Yes

19: No

If yes, when?

13: December (same as JCs)

4: Dec. 15-20

3: Summer

1: May-June

1: Aug. 20

8. Which on-field rule would you most like to change?

4: Revert to old timing rules

3: Helmet-to-helmet contact rule

2: Celebration penalty

1: Coach-on-field penalty

1: Pass interference (bump and run)

1: Intentional grounding

1: Consistency in holding

1: Don't stop clock after first downs

1: Ball should be dead when punt hits blocker on receiving team

1: Move kickoff back to 35

1: No tackle below knees

1: Blocking below waist

1: Same rules for offensive and defensive lines

1: Instant replay

1: Face mask made 5 or 15 yards

1: Line can block downfield on pass

1: Officiating consistency

1: Chop blocks

1: Use two-minute warning

1: Coach to quarterback headset

10: None

2: Don't know

9. Which coach do you respect most in college football?

8: Urban Meyer

8: Joe Paterno

3: Bobby Bowden

3: Jim Tressel

3: Bob Stoops

3: Mack Brown

2: Jim Grobe

2: Pete Carroll

1: Paul Johnson

1: Gary Pinkel

1: Tom O'Brien

1: Dennis Erickson

1: Bobby Johnson

1: Dan Hawkins

7: Others

10. Which is the hardest position on your team to project from recruit to stardom?

14: Quarterback

8: Offensive line

6: Secondary

5: Defensive line

3: Place-kicker

1: Defense

1: Tight end

2: All

Note: Not all coaches responded to each question. Link...