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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Monday September 7, 2009

Howard Schellenberger praises about Bo Pelini: "I think it's a team that has about the best coach that I've been around lately," Schnellenberger said. "I think they have some very good players, but I don't think they're overly talented."

Quoting David Cutcliffe on losing to Richmond: "Don't put too much into this ballgame," Cutcliffe said. "This was not reflective of our football team. I still believe in our team."

Quoting Steve Spurrier: "I'm going to start coaching my butt off until we can throw the ball around," Spurrier said after Saturday's practice. "We've all been coaching, but we're going to put in overtime. We were pretty sad the other night. It's nobody's fault but mine."

Question: Why do head coaches forget they can call timeout from the sideline instead of taking a delay of game penalty? Delay of game penalties really hurt at least 4 teams this past weekend.

Quoting Les Miles: "I'll give you the big overview: a lot was accomplished," he said. "Guys performed in a very different atmosphere, a very different environment. Traveled the length of country, changed sleep patterns."

Quoting GA Tech head coach Paul Johnson: "We've just got to find a way to be motivated," Johnson said. "We have for whatever reason a problem with that at times. There are games you can tell when everyone's up and games when they're not." "The good thing is that we won the game," Johnson said. "We will have to be 100 times better on Thursday night or we will get run out of our own stadium. Hopefully our guys will take the challenge, and will be ready to go."

Quoting San Diego State special teams coach Dan Ferrigno: "It changes the game," he said of big plays in the special teams game. They're big, game-changing plays. We just had some crucial errors in special teams, so no, I'm not happy with my trip to the Rose Bowl."

Quoting Tulsa head coach Todd Graham: "Well, we are 1-0. I mean, we had lots of first game mistakes. We scored extremely fast early, you know. The first 17 points were like `bang, bang, bang'. I am really proud Fitzpatrick. He really answered the calls, you know, from a field goal standpoint. He was 100% tonight. Our defense played a lot of snaps early, in the first half. We just gave up too many big plays on defense. A lot of first game mistakes and things like that. In all, I am really, really impressed...very impressed with how G.J. Kinne managed the game, took care of the football, and ran. We got a quarterback who can run now. I was very impressed with him. I was impressed with Trent Dupy. He got his first start tonight. There was some confusion there, and we had some confusion. We had some first game jitters and first game mistakes and things like that. You go out and win 37-13 on the road, I'll take it. Very, very pleased with our performance."

Quoting Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin: "We had a rocky start there at the beginning. I was very impressed with our style on defense for most of the day, but especially early on. At one point halfway through the second quarter, I think they had one first down and five penalties. So I am excited about the way we played on defense, especially early, but I'm a little disappointed with the way we played on offense. It was turnovers; we were hurting ourselves. Usually, if you struggle on offense, it's a bunch of third downs you're not making. We didn't even have a third down at one point. We hadn't punted, hadn't had a third down, but we didn't have any points so unfortunately we weren't taking care of the ball and that was disappointing to see. At one point, they way they came back after that first quarter, scoring 63 points in three quarters was good to see. But we have a long way to go and a lot of work to do. Today there were a lot of things that reminded us of how much work we have to do. But to get our first game under our belt, it was exciting. The band was awesome. The Vol Walk was unbelievable. The fans were just so special today. It was really neat."

Quoting MTSU head coach Rick Stockstill: "Obviously in the first half I thought we shot ourselves in the foot. We got killed in the kicking game in the first half. The plan was to kick out of bounds on the punts and sky kick it on kickoffs, and we didn't do a very good job of that. We tried to kick it out of bounds and couldn't get it out of bounds, hopefully we can kick better than that. They are explosive. We had some drives and started going. We had some dropped balls that went in and out of hands that they got interceptions on. We just had self inflicted wounds the first half. The defense played well, they were on and off the field an awful lot in the first half. I am extremely proud of our team and the heart and passion they played with. They never quit, and got down there and had a chance to make it a two score game and just couldn't finish it out. I thought we played with a lot of effort and got a little bit better in the second half offensively. We just need to be a little more consistent overall."

Quoting West Virginia head coach Bill Stewart (Sunday): "Today is going to be a work day for the Mountaineers. We've looked at the film and come up with our award winners. We've dissected the (Liberty) game and will continue to dissect the game as we prepare for the East Carolina Pirates. I'm more concerned with what we do, and not what the other people do, and I wasn't pleased with some of the things that we did yesterday. I thought we had too many mental breakdowns, for instance on offense, we had a couple missed assignments. We were looking at some signals, and that goofed our guys up too. People can steal our signals; that does happen out there. Defensively, it was puzzling me why everyone in our stadium knew No. 10 was going to get the ball, but our players did not. Someone has indicated to me that the (BIG EAST) Conference office has called and the first (Liberty) touchdown was a pick play, as I tried to tell them yesterday. That didn't work well. You play the hand you're dealt, and keep playing. It was offensive pass interference, but I don't complain about that; you just keep playing the game. It would have been tough, though, if that was a deciding touchdown against us. That would have been hard to swallow. It's not very fun to hear the next day that the officials made a mistake. I'm more worried about the Mountaineers than I am the opponent. We have to correct some things."

Quoting Minnesota OC Jedd Fisch: "The Pittsburgh Steelers are physical, and they manage to throw the ball 50 to 60 percent of the time," Fisch said. "That's what we want to be. We're going to be physical."

Quoting Central Michigan head coach Butch Jones (about Arizona): "That's probably the fastest defense we played since we've been here. It showed," coach Butch Jones said. "Not only are they athletic, they're extremely physical. A lot of times, a team will have one or the other. I think they have both."

At one point:

  • Central Michigan had run 20 offensive plays - with one interception, one fumble and no first downs.
  • The Chippewas had gained 25 yards on those plays.
  • The team had gone three-and-out four times before punting.

Check out the USC Trojan behind the screnes game coverage, pretty neat stuff:Link...

Miami players talk about DC John Lovett: "Coach Lovett loves to teach,'' said safety Randy Phillips, who has gone from Shannon -- his current head coach -- to the other three coordinators. "Coach Lovett teaches every position to each player. He specializes in technique, and he's really precise about what he wants in a coverage. "He's a fiery guy and I love him,'' senior cornerback Chavez Grant said. "He's always coaching us, even when he sees us going to lunch.''

John Lovett understands pressure in coaching: Lovett will work from the press box, with new offensive coordinator Mark Whipple on the field, said Shannon, who gives Lovett freedom to run what he believes is best. Lovett was asked if he ever felt pressure because Shannon was UM's defensive coordinator for six years. "You know who I worked for in Chapel Hill,'' Lovett said of Davis. "He was the Cowboys' defensive coordinator. And before that I worked for a guy at Auburn and Ole Miss named Tommy Tuberville, and he was the defensive coordinator down here and at Texas A&M. It's not a new experience for me.''

Charlie Weis sat in front of his players last December and asked them a question: "Where are we heading here fellas?" "What's the approach going to be? What are we going to do?" Weis asked. "Are we just going to go somewhere and just throw in the towel and just go through the motions, just say we went to a bowl game? Or are we going to go use it as a mechanism to get this thing going in the right direction?" The Irish players say they decided at that meeting that it was time to turn things around. "There came a time we had to say 'Enough is enough,"' said center Eric Olsen, one of the team captains. "We had to buckle down and get to work." The team decided instead of using the trip to the Hawaii Bowl as a chance to cap off the season with some fun in the islands, they would act as if the game against Hawaii were the start of 2009. "On Dec. 24 in the Hawaii Bowl we decided we're putting our foot down," linebacker Brian Smith said. "We're not going to be the media's whipping boy any more. We're going to go out and play how we play."

Quoting Oklahoma OC Kevin Wilson: "You can see from the TV copy they've got the (play) clock running (before the ball is officially spotted). I don't know if that's the accurate clock, but there's 24 seconds when the referee hands the ball to the umpire," Wilson said. "The ball's not on the ground yet. And you can see on tape they're looking like, 'Hey, should we (reset the clock) from 25?" Jones got his offense to the line of scrimmage, but took a delay of game penalty. Backed up 5 yards, OU sent out Jimmy Stevens for a field goal, and what could have potentially become a 17-7 lead was instead 13-7. "We were totally taken off guard by that delay. We did not sense that the play was in (from the bench) late, that we were in jeopardy," Wilson said. "We went up (to the line of scrimmage) and wanted to see where they were. We saw where they were, thought we had a nice play called, and just didn't get it off. And that's my fault. I did not assess the clock was running down "I don't see, seriously, as fast as we call plays, how that could happen, but it did. And that's my responsibility to see that. I did not sense or see that, and I don't think anyone did."

Quoting Gene Chizik: "Believe it or not, I laugh and I joke with my kids. I really do," Chizik quipped Sunday, aware of his reputation for being restrained around the media. "I have a really good time. My personality actually comes out. It's really fun."

Proposal regarding SEC grad assistants on the table: The Division I Legislative Council will consider a number of proposals that would regulate the duties and standards of coaches and non-coaching personnel, including a Southeastern Conference proposal that would require football graduate assistant coaches in the Football Bowl Subdivision to have graduated or exhausted athletics eligibility within the previous seven years. Proposal No. 2009-10 is meant to halt a current practice that allows coaches with significant experience to fill graduate assistant positions. When the graduate assistant coach position was created, it was intended to allow recent graduates to begin their coaching careers while pursuing postgraduate education. The rationale for the SEC proposal said that seven years is a "relatively short" time after exhausted eligibility or degree completion and provides sufficient time for former student-athletes with limited professional careers the chance to return to their institution to pursue a graduate degree and remain involved in coaching.

Proposal would clarify student manager duties: Link...

Update on Charlotte 49ers football: "If we have to delay this, it could be another missed opportunity," Rose said of her school's efforts to start football. "And I don't know how many more realignments there will be. I don't know if our fans really understand that so much. We're adding football for many reasons. One of which is to have the best alignment for this university in a conference that fits with like institutions and like missions. And long-term, we want to be in a BCS conference. That's our goal. Short-term, we can't be. So, to me, we're on a tight time frame to make all this fit and potentially work and get into the best conference." Link...

Article on Akron's new football stadium:Link...