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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Tuesday September 8, 2009

Quoting Bobby Bowden after 38-34 loss: "This one ranks right up there with the rest of 'em (heartbreaking losses to UM)," FSU coach Bobby Bowden said. "There was no doubt in my mind we were going to win it. But we didn't have time to run it. We couldn't run the stinking ball."

Quoting Randy Shannon after 38-34 win at FSU: "This is one of the all-timers."

Nick Saban press conference (Video): "I don't have confidence in anything. OK?" he started. "I just know what we have to do so that doesn't happen. We'll certainly do our best from a technical standpoint, because it really isn't about who we're playing. If you have the right kind of attitude on your team, it's about who you are and how you want to play. ... If you're playing against someone who's really good, that means that that person determines how you play, and if you're playing somebody - and I'm not saying this about FIU - the other guy's not quite as talented, so that means you played poorly. Well, that doesn't speak very well about the kind of competitor you are and the kind of player you are. The great players ... I don't think Kobe Bryant cares about who he's playing against. I don't think LeBron James cares who's guarding him. ... He's trying to be the best player he can be, and that's what we want our team to do. ...If I want to be a great player, then I should be playing my best on every play. Six seconds every play like it has a history or a life of its own in a game. ... That's what good football teams do." Video...

Great press conference with Gary Pinkel...Who in the world wouldn't want to play for this guy? Video...

Quoting Steve Sarkisian: Two days later, Steve Sarkisian was still accepting congratulations for his team's play against LSU. "That's new to me,'' Sarkisian said today at his regular Monday press conference. "I've never been congratulated so much for losing. But hopefully we don't want to get too use to that. The goal around here is to win the game. It's obviously great we played with the effort we wanted to and the crowd involvement was where we wanted it. But ultimately we are planning to win the game. So it was nice to get the praise for playing hardm but we are trying to win the game. I don't want any of us to get too used to being congratulated for losing.'' Sarkisian said he got to sleep at about 4:30 a.m. Saturday. "I wanted to watch the game and a lot of energy and emotion goes into a ball game andd there is a tremendous natural high about competing at that level and the energy from the stadium and I didn't want to go to sleep --- I really wanted to get through the film and see it and enjoy time with the family. ... We'll catch up for sleep the next week or so.'' Link...

Quoting Doug Marrone: "We had the ability to win that game, and that's something I'm always going to look back and kick myself in the butt," Marrone said. "It's my responsibility to get us to win games like that, put us over the top. That game hurts. It hurts."

Tommy West takes blame: After reviewing films -- and rewinding the decision-making in his mind -- West said the third-down pass Hall threw before halftime from the Tigers' 31-yard line shouldn't have been called. Ingram scored with 41 seconds left in the half. ''I'll take the blame on the third-down play,'' West said at his Labor Day press luncheon. ''I should override everything. It put the guy in a bad position on third down. I should have handed the ball off and punted and gone in (behind) 10-7 at the half. That's on me. We preached and talked about going into (the Ole Miss) game that our chance was not to make that mistake, that was what we were not going to do to take us out of a game. In that field position, backed up at the (31-yard) line, we don't need to do that. We should have handed the ball off. Everybody gets mad when you hand it off and run the clock off before the half, but that's what you do and that's how you keep yourself (in games). And then you play for your breaks. That's what we've preached to this team.''

Behind the scenes with Tennessee Vols' coaching staff:Video...

Behind the scenes with Tennessee Vols' coaching staff (Part 2):Video...

Michigan hype video: Video...

South Florida hype video:Video....

Quoting Al Groh after 26-14 loss to William & Mary: "We've got 11 more weeks to go," Groh said. "There'll be a lot of negativity out there, some of it well-deserved. We can either crack or we can stick together. One thing we haven't ever done around here is crack. The reality is I'm responsible for what happens to the ball," Virginia coach Al Groh said. "We turned the ball over (seven) times. After you turn the ball over (seven) times, there really aren't any questions. That's the answer."

Quoting Purdue head coach Danny Hope: "I'm not surprised to see us hang 50 on them. I think we have a very good offense."

Quoting San Jose State head coach Dick Tormey: This was the San Jose State coach's assessment following his team's 56-3 loss to USC: "For a while it looked like we could compete with them. Obviously, it was an illusion."

Quoting Mack Brown: Altitude, attitude - Texas coach Mack Brown didn't seem concerned about his team playing in Laramie's altitude of 7,220 feet, which is the highest in college football. "We don't concern ourselves about that," Brown said on Monday's Big 12 Conference coaches teleconference. "There's nothing we can do about it, so we're just going to go play. We have a lot of depth, and I think our guys will be excited about it. ... I think those things are way overplayed."

Quoting Pat Fitzgerald: "We looked at the scoreboard," coach Pat Fitzgerald said Monday, "instead of looking at what we needed to do." After the game Fitzgerald even railed on those Wildcats who were not in the game, saying: "We needed more energy and passion on the sidelines. We have a lot of paid cheerleaders (players on scholarship) who did not do a great job."

Iowa State radio analyst comments on Paul Rhoades: "He reminds a lot of people of Dan McCarney with his passion, his enthusiasm," ISU radio play-by-play man John Walters said. "You can just tell it means something to him. Every time he talks to fans he tears up at the end of his speech when he says ‘I'm proud to be your football coach.' You can tell he means it."

Iowa State player comments on previous coaching staff under Gene Chizik: "Our past staff was good, but very businesslike. I don't think they really built the interpersonal relationships that you need to build to have kids really respect what's going on and get that extra out of them. You've got to have an interpersonal relationship with the guys. Then they'll go beyond the call of duty for you. I think (Rhoads) is going to get that out of them. That may have been missing the last couple of years."

Quoting Colorado State head coach Steve Fairchild: "The worst thing we can do is turn around Saturday and be walking out of our locker room 1-1," Fairchild said Monday. "We talked about last year being a step in the right direction, and this game is certainly another step in that direction, but there is a lot of ground to make up to catch the elite (BYU, Utah TCU) teams in our league."

College Football on TV this week:

September 10
Clemson at Georgia Tech, 7:30, ESPN

September 11
Colorado at Toledo, 9 pm, ESPN

September 12
Notre Dame at Michigan, TBA, ABC
UCLA at Tennessee, TBA, ESPN
Duke at Army, 12 pm, ESPN Classic
Eastern Michigan at Northwestern, 12 pm, BTN
Fresno State at Wisconsin, 12 pm ESPN or ESPN2
Iowa at Iowa State, 12 pm, FSN
Stanford at Wake Forest, 12 pm, Raycom/ESPN GP
Syracuse at Penn State, 12 pm, BTN
Western Michigan at Indiana, 12 pm, BTN
Marshall at Virginia Tech, 1:30 pm, ESPN 360
Kent State at Boston College, 2 pm, ESPN 360
BYU at Tulane, 3:30, ESPN2
Houston at Oklahoma State, 3:30 pm, FSN
Louisiana Tech at Navy, 3:30 pm, CBSC
TCU at Virginia, 3:30 pm, ESPNU
Texas at Wyoming, 3:30 pm, Versus
Eastern Washington at California, 5:30 Comcast
Jacksonville State at Florida State, 6 pm, ESPN 360
Air Force at Minnesota, 7 pm, BTN
Illinois State at Illinois, 7 pm, BTN
Kansas at UTEP, 7:30 pm, CBSC
South Carolina at Georgia, 7:45 pm ESPN2
Tulsa at New Mexico, 8 pm, Mtn.
USC at Ohio State, 8 pm, ESPN
Purdue at Oregon, 10:15 pm, FSN
Utah at San Jose State, 10:30, ESPNU
Oregon State at UNLV, 8 pm, CBS College Sports