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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday September 10, 2009

Quoting Dan Hawkins: Hawkins said he doesn`t wear his emotions on his sleeve but he and his players are just as upset about losing to Colorado State and struggling the way they did as anyone. "We`re dying, too," he said. "You want people to care. You want that. That`s great. We`re dying, too. But you have to be able to flush it. "How many times has Colorado lost to Colorado State and still rallied for a great season? How many times have they lost early and still rallied for a great season? You know, Oklahoma lost a ball game and their quarterback for awhile. I`m sure they`re going to be OK. The great thing about college football is everybody is so emotional and so passionate about it."

Nick Saban on implementing the wildcat offense this year and how you view it as a defensive coach: "Well, I think it definitely presents a problem. I think we've learned that for a couple of years, playing Arkansas and Ole Miss. Houston (Nutt) kind of invented this or started it with his offensive coaches. It creates a lot of problems. I think it creates something the other team has to prepare for. We always have to work hard against it when we play against it. We thought it would be a good thing. I don't think we were prepared to do it last year. We spent some time investigating it in the off season offensively so that we could implement with the least amount of adjustments for our offensive players. I certainly don't think we've sort of got it geared up to where it needs to be, but it's something we want to continue to work on and try to improve on."

Regarding USC practice this week: Twenty-four hours after losing Competition Tuesday, it was the offense's day on Turnover Wednesday, as it pitched a shutout on the turnover front and also captured a 13-11 overall practice win in the final team period. "That's a decisive victory for the offense!" Coach Carroll said after the full-pads workout that featured plenty of fiery battles between the two sides of the ball.

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Quoting Skip Holtz: "I'd much rather play a team that's similar to what we just played than having to go play one like Navy, which is completely different. All of our preparation for Appalachian State is going to help us this weekend. Everybody today plays some form or variation of the spread offense except for true option-oriented teams. Appalachian State got their offense from West Virginia a number of years ago so there are a lot of similarities between the two."

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