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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Monday September 14, 2009

Week 2: Stopping the run

Defense: Net yards rushing allowed this weekend

Bama D: 1yard vs. FAU

Kansas D: 4 yards vs. UTEP

Navy D: 11 yards vs. LA Tech

New Hampshire D: 13 yards vs. Ball State

UTAH D: 22 yards vs. San Jose State

Indiana D: 22 yards vs. Western Michigan

UCONN D: 35 yards vs. UNC

BYU D: 37 yards vs. Tulane

Boise State D: 38 yards vs. Miami (OH)

Tulsa D: 55 yards vs. New Mexico

TCU D: 57 yards vs. Virginia

Boston College D: 60 yards vs. Kent State

Quoting Bill Stewart: "We've got a long way to go," said West Virginia coach Bill Stewart. "We're not close enough to being a good football team, but I'm happier to be where we are today than where we were a year ago (after a 1-1 start). Two games does not a season make."

Quoting Skip Holtz: "I thought we played hard, but I certainly don't think we were very impressive, especially as an offensive team," said East Carolina coach Skip Holtz. "Throwing the ball, it just seemed like we were a hair short. In this game, the difference between winning and losing is just a little bit. We just weren't very sharp."

Quoting Mike Price (about Kansas): "What surprised us, I think, is that they were so good," Price said. "Nothing that they did that I recall was anything new that we hadn't seen on tape or that we weren't prepared for. So we knew what they were going to do. They were just in a four-man rush, they played a lot of cover-2 and cover-4 - just straight coverages, pretty basic - and they just did it real good."

Bob Toledo comments on BYU: "They're a really mature team," said Toledo, echoing his midweek mantra before the game. "They know how to win - they've been winning for a long time. They've got some really good players and did a great job of coaching. I think we made them look a little better than what they really are, to be perfectly honest with you. You can't make that many mistakes against that type of team and even make it competitive. I think if they (BYU) can beat Florida State next week, I think they have a great chance to run the table in the Mountain West and then, of course, be in a BCS game. And then, depending on what they do in the BCS game, will depend on where they end up. But for them to get to a championship game, as we've seen, it's very difficult."

Quoting Gary Pinkel: "First of all, I thought Bowling Green played an exceptional game. I think you've got to give them a tremendous amount of credit. They battled and we were fortunate enough to find a way to win. When it's 20-6 about five minutes into the third quarter, obviously it's a big gut check time for our football team. I thought we responded well--we started moving the football and got some momentum going. I think we started doing the things necessary to come back and win a football game. You can grow tremendously from it--you go back and look at the mistakes that we made, like two turnovers and penalties. I thought in the first half our defense played really well. We had two turnovers that we forced field goals on, and we also had a kickoff return to midfield that we forced a punt. If we weren't playing good defense there, we'd be in trouble. We'll learn from the game and I'm proud of our football team for battling and finding a way to win, especially after watching the games on television all day and those losses [by Oklahoma State and Kansas State]. I feel fortunate that we're 2-0."

Quoting Kevin Sumlin after beating Oklahoma State: "For us, as a program, this is a big win. It legitimizes our university. It legitimizes our program. There's no doubt that one win does not make a season. We got a whole bunch of football to go, but I think anytime that you can go on the road and win and beat a top 10 team, it really helps your confidence as a program and it helps your pride as a university. From that standpoint, that's more important to me than what's happened in the last hundred years. I thought a great example we talked about earlier this week was watching that Florida State-Miami game. You can turn that game off in any quarter and you didn't know who was going to win the game and they all kept playing. There were plenty of mistakes, but guys kept playing. In order for us to be where we want to be, that's biggest hurdle we have with a young team. We jumped out and we faced adversity, kind of rallied, kind of got dead in the water there for a little bit and got the ship back up and guys kept going. I'm most proud of how our staff got guys back together; how our players kind of rallied back together and withstood pretty good blows in that third quarter and then won the game."

Interesting story in Pete Carroll's new book Always Compete: Norm Chows says, "It was right after the (2004 national title) season, and Pete called and said he wanted to go to lunch. So we meet at this place in the South Bay. I thought we were going to talk about recruiting and his plans for next season. Then he tells me he is planning to make some changes on the staff. I was stunned. It was time for me to leave (USC)," Chow says in the book. "Obviously, there were other guys on staff he felt were ready to do what I was doing." Link...

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