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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Sunday September 21, 2009

Quoting Pete Carroll: "Unfortunately, we've been here before," said Pete Carroll, the USC coach, who, after blaming three turnovers and 75 lost penalty yards, blamed himself. "You play football like this, your chance of winning is so difficult," Carroll said. "It goes right back to me. It's me not doing a good enough job making points on why we win."

Arizona thinking about new facilities: The Arizona Wildcats paid a consulting company more than a half-million dollars to assist in their master construction plan, with hopes it will be approved by the Arizona Board of Regents in December or January. The most immediate project is an $82 million, four-story glass building in the north end of Arizona Stadium. It could be completed in two to three years, pending Board of Regents approval. If the master plan is approved by the Board of Regents, the UA's design, planning and construction would being fielding proposed Arizona Stadium designs from companies, local and nationwide. A selection committee would be established, along with criteria for the project. The UA would then negotiate a contract upfront, the way it did with Sasaki. Link...

Quoting Marshall head coach Mark Snyder after beating Bowling Green 17-10: "I've not coached that hard in four years,'' said an exhausted Snyder as he made his way to his office. I have no voice. We said this would be a four- or five-year process. And here we are, sitting here today with the best football team we've had since I've been here.''

Rich Rod talks to Big Ten commissioner:  "I told the team, it should have been a penalty. It should have been a personal foul and maybe the officials didn't see that part and I understand the league as a whole has to look at what they consider a non-football act and make their judgment accordingly. I don't think for any instance or any stretch of the imagination that it was malicious and you should compare it with a windup punch like we saw earlier in the season (by Oregon's LaGarrette Blount) in the Oregon game, but it's an act the Big Ten is going to try to enforce and set a precedent with so we accept that. Now I will tell you, my conversation with the commissioner was that we will watch every Big Ten game very closely and any non-football act, whether it's a six-inch jab or anything that's not called for the game of football we're going to ask that person get the same type of punishment Jonas Mouton got. I'm sure the league will do that."

Quoting Steve Kragthorpe: "I'm just sick for our guys, sick for our players because they played so hard and I'm just sick that we didn't get to win for them."

Quoting Ron Zook: "I never had any intentions of coaching. I wanted to become a dentist. Teaching was the last thing I wanted to do. ... When football was over for me, I was like, I'm not ready to give this up yet. I had six job offers because of being able to teach science, chemistry and physics. I coached at Orrville{+3} (Ohio) and was fortunate to coach under Mo Tipton, an unbelievably successful high school coach. In five years of football, I had lost only one game. I thought, boy, I kind of like this. I want to try the next level."