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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Friday September 25, 2009

Quoting Tim Brewster: "I am who I am," said Brewster, whose Gophers play at Northwestern (2-1) on Saturday. "I'm an extremely positive person that believes that we can bring a [Big Ten] championship to the state of Minnesota. ... I don't have time in my life for negativity. I've got time for positivity and being positive and believing that we can and will."

Minnesota AD speaks his mind on Tim Brewster: "If we're going to stop [the losing], it's critical," Maturi said. "But the other thing is it's not life and death. In the 27 years in the dome, we finished in the top half of the conference five times. That's all. Never first. Never second. Tied for third once. ... Don't misread this, but if we aren't real good this year, it probably ain't going to shake the world. But if we're going to change it, if this guy is going to change it, it's got to start soon."

"He'll say that and I'll say that. That doesn't mean it's pressure. I'm not trying to say it's got to happen tomorrow. I'm going to be patient. Changing coaches hasn't been the answer. Just automatically changing coaches. How many have they had since Murray Warmath? They've had quite a few, and none of them have been successful."

 "But if you sit in our stands, you know that people say, 'Oh, here we go again.' More on the negative than the positive. Here we go again. That's a mindset that needs to be changed, and I think this guy wants to change it, is working hard to change it and I believe he's going to change it."

"Let's be honest, and I don't mean this negatively, but when I hired him, I knew he had never been a head coach, other than high school," Maturi said. "Did I think we would go 1-11? No. But I think he is evolving into a very good head coach. It's a situation where any of us doing something for the first time, I don't care what you are, you learn."

"When you are a public person, you're not going to please everybody," Maturi said. "Coach Brewster came in here talking about a Rose Bowl. That offended some people. I'm not one of those offended by that.

"There's got to be a realization that we haven't been there since the 1961 season, and it isn't easy. A lot of coaches have tried. A lot of administrators have tried. A lot of players have tried. And we haven't even come close. Folks, we got to do things differently. We need a new attitude here and people need to understand that. I don't think you're going to get there unless you believe you can get there."

Bob Stoops donates $150,000: The University of Oklahoma announced Sept. 24 head football coach Bob Stoops and his wife, Carol, donated $150,000 to the Michael F. Price College of Business.

Nick Holt apologizes for penalty: Holt said he was imploring a UW cornerback to make a tackle and I was "getting so involved for him to make the tackle and I got too close to the sideline. I wanted the kid to make the tackle and it was my fault. It was totally, totally, totally bad, irresponsible football coaching by myself, caught up in the heat of the moment making a bad play.'

Quoting Texas A&M DC Joe Kines: "Sometimes we're so far off base, but we make up for it with emotion and energy. Three months ago, most of these guys were going to the prom."

Joe Kines on why he took the Texas A&M DC position: "He'd hired a defensive coordinator (Reggie Herring) who suddenly got the opportunity to go to the Dallas Cowboys," Kines said. "I talked to Coach Sherman on the phone, and really figured I'd pass. But he asked me to just come out and look at what they were doing. And when I talked to Coach Sherman, it wasn't, `Would you like to be defensive coordinator?' It was, `I'm shorthanded. Would you help us get started?' And that intrigued me."