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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Sunday September 27, 2009

Interesting perspective / quote from Dan Mullen after loss to LSU: "There's nothing good in losing."

Minnesota OC Jeff Fisch pushing right buttons:Link...

Heat is on Memphis coach Tommy West: West has lost five of his last six games against teams from the Sun Belt Conference. He has abandoned many of the things he believed in to recruit players who were kicked off other teams. And Saturday, before a crowd of maybe 12,000, his Tigers lost to a lousy Marshall team, 27-16, in what could be the last game of the year they'll be favored to win. Link...

Quoting Clemson OC Billy Napier after 14-10 loss to TCU: "This week it was just a matter guys going and making plays," Napier said. "We gave them opportunities to make plays, and our players will tell you that. These guys, they know. We have guys that are growing up and we have a quarterback that's growing up. I think it's just a matter of guys going and making plays."

Kansas AD upset over fights between football and basketball players: "I think it's been said over and over, this is really an embarrassment to our university. I've been in college athletic administration for over 40 years and I've never experienced anything like this. I'm embarrassed and very hurt by it, too. It's a black eye on our athletic program, on our football and basketball teams, our university and the state of Kansas. We just can't have that kind of stuff happen. There's been some discussion maybe this has been going on for a long time. Quite honestly, we did not know if it's factual that it has been going on. I honestly wish whoever knew, if some people knew, they would have told us. I don't think we or any of our coaches, or anybody at the university, put our heads in the sand and thought we knew this was going on and we're not going to deal with it."

Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson comments on official's blown call: "First of all, (Thomas) has caught the ball and goes out of bounds," Johnson said. "The one official calls him out of bounds and the other winds the clock. Even if he is not out of bounds, it's a first down so the clock has to stop to set the chains. They kept winding the clock. It was like (the officials) froze or something. I don't know. That is what happened. It really took away any chance we had to get another play and kick a field goal or something." GA Tech defeated UNC 24-7.

Quoting MTSU head coach Rick Stockstill after 37-21 win at North Texas: "Our team came into the locker room (after the game) kind of down, but I told them that I'm thrilled to death," Stockstill said. "It's hard to win conference games on the road, whether you're in the SEC or Sun Belt.

Quoting Mark Dantonio after loss to Wisconsin: "You can't win a football game if you can't get off the field on third down," Dantonio said softly of a team that's now 1-3. "You can't turn it over four times."

Derek Dooley's approach to discipline: Dooley and his staff don't lower the boom on an athlete when they err -at least that's not the first thing to happen. "What I want to do is see if we can help educate him and change his behavior. We're ultimately trying to develop men "» and that isn't just coach-talk "» there's more to it than just the scoreboard," Dooley said. "When Brian had his issues, I sat down with him and we had a lot of heart-to-heart talks. I asked him what he wanted out of his life and how he was gonna get there. It required a lot of listening. It required a lot of talking. It required a discipline component that you have to go through."