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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Wednesday September 30, 2009

Monte Kiffin writes nice letter to Frank Solich: Ohio head coach Frank Solich said he received a very nice letter from Monte Kiffin compliment his team on how hard they played in Knoxville last week. Great to see such a nice gesture from Coach Kiffin!

Kevin Sumlin tweets on Monday after beating Texas Tech: "Saturday night was fun, but it will be hard for 3 of our guys to play this week without their helmets. Please return, NO QUESTIONS ASKED."

Quoting Ralph Friedgen: I haven't thrown in the towel one bit," Friedgen said Tuesday at his weekly media lunch. "I'm still thinking about winning. I'm still thinking about winning the ACC. That's just the way I am."

Iowa State coaching salaries:Link...

Quoting an upset Jimbo Fisher: "I am," he said. "Because it's time to grow up. Because it's time for us to grow up and play. And we know what we're capable of. We have to decide who we want to be. Who do we want to be? What team do we want to be? Are we content to be average like we have been? Or do we want to take the next step and go?"

"... Any quarterback of a good team - they take stuff upon themselves. Look at Tim Tebow. He's changed that whole program. And he's taken it upon himself to make them a good team."

"It's up to the players to take that next step."

Dabo Swinney press conference video: To demonstrate why Clemson cannot seem to win close games against top opponents, coach Dabo Swinney showed the team Monday what he called the "win reel," a collection of eight or nine plays that collectively cost the team the TCU game.

Make three or four of those plays, Swinney said Tuesday, and the Tigers prevail.

It was later suggested to Swinney that the approach sounded familiar to that of Tommy Bowden's one-play-away anthem, questioning whether the program has changed as much as Swinney believes.

"How long was he here?" Swinney asked rhetorically. "Coach Bowden was here 10 years. I've been here four games as the head coach. Three years from now, if we're having that same problem, bring somebody else in here, bottom line." Video...

Miami (OH) is struggling, but Mike Haywood is keeping his poise: Haywood calm, makes some great points: Video...

Quoting Mark Dantonio: "We don't need a lot of outside things that are going to confuse the issue for us," Dantonio said Tuesday at his weekly press conference. "We need to group ourselves together. People in that room know what's going on in that room in terms of what we're doing, in terms of why there's a problem. We need to focus on dealing with that problem and we need to come out completely focused and we need to come out with great team solidarity in everything that we do and we will."

R.C. Slocum spoke to A&M team before season, supports Mike Sherman:Link...