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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday October 1, 2009

Iowa paying $900,000 to Arkansas State: Iowa will pay Arkansas State a guarantee of $900,000 to visit Kinnick Stadium, one of the largest amounts ever paid to a visiting team anywhere in the country.

13 game season okay for Ferentz: Ferentz said this week he wouldn't mind seeing college football go to a 13-game regular season that would allow the Big Ten to play a full round robin schedule. The Hawkeyes currently play eight conference games and four non-conference games. The 13-game slate could accommodate 10 conference games with just three non-league games, eliminating the pressure to pay so many big guarantees.

"It seems like we're all talking about playing post-Thanksgiving, which is fine," Ferentz said. "But if we're going to do that, then why don't we just play 13?"

Trooper Taylor returns to Knoxville, compliments old boss Fulmer: "Phillip was a guy making almost $2 million and he'd walk across the street and there'd be paper blowing and he'd stop and pick it up," he said. "I don't know very many people that make that kind of money that would stop and do that. But it showed me that it wasn't just a job to him, he loved the place. It was something that he took a lot of pride in.

"That really stood out to me, a guy that would humble himself even with the stature that he was at."

Mississippi State AD increases buyout prices: "Because of where scheduling has gone and the increased payouts that are being demanded from schools that you're trying to do two-for-ones with and 'buy' games with, you need to put significant buyouts in there to keep them from shopping around at the end for a better deal," Byrne said. Louisiana Tech would have to pay a whopping $900,000 to get out of its 2015-2017 deal to play two games in Starkville and one in Ruston, La., and would have to pay $400,000 to get out of the 2011 game, which is a different one-year deal.

Other buyouts include: $750,000 for Troy's three-game deal; $550,000 for Bowling Green's 2013 trip to Starkville; $500,000 for Southern Miss' home-and-home and $400,000 for the two-game extension to the UAB series. Link...

Wyoming coach treated for kidney stones: Christensen left UW's facilities early Tuesday morning and was admitted to Ivinson Memorial Hospital, where he was being treated for kidney stones. Back at War Memorial Stadium, however, it was business as usual.

"That's the beauty of the program that he's got set up," UW assistant head coach Dan Hammerschmidt said. "Some of the other programs that I've been to, you'd be ... wondering what to do.

"But everything is so by-the-book, the same way every year, every practice, every day."

Lane Kiffin post-practice interview (Video):Video…