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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Sunday October 4, 2009

Quoting Jim Harbaugh after 24-16 win over UCLA: "That UCLA team, those are physically mature pro-looking guys," Harbaugh said. "Their offensive line, their entire defense ... they've got some serious talent over there. We knew this would be our toughest test. Our guys didn't flinch - didn't back down one bit."

"We'll see," Harbaugh cautioned, adding that Stanford now deserves to be considered as a true "BCS-type of football school."

Said Harbaugh, "They're earning that kind of respect."

Quoting Bobby Bowden after 28-21 loss to Boston College: ``Well, you know what? What would I gain by stepping down right now?'' asked the 79-year-old who will turn 80 in November. ``Fire the whole coaching staff? I'll evaluate myself; I'll wait until the end of the year.''

Quoting Jimbo Fisher after 28-21 loss to Boston College: ``You don't [worry about it], you go coach,'' Fisher said. ``That's their right to do it. Everyone wants to win. They're passionate like we are. We have to keep coaching, that's part of coaching and part of playing. You have to put that away, and the thing that will bring it back is a good victory. And to get a good victory you have to go back and practice well and stay together.''

Football Pros in October Pink Gloves: 'It's important to me,' says Boldin. An amazing first. This October you will see Pink Gloves in NFL games in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Days after this year's Cutters 1,000 Free Pink Pair Giveaway, Anquan Boldin heard about the Pink Gloves and was immediately interested in supporting the cause. "For me, it's important because everyone out there has been affected in some way - a sibling, a relative, a friend. Personally, I have had two relatives suffer from cancer. It's important to me." He received special permission from the NFL to wear Pink Gloves in October during a game. Randy Moss was also eager to do his part. "Cancer affects everybody in some way. If I can do something to help people out, to raise awareness and help raise money - well, that's what it's all about," said Randy Moss. "I want to make a difference." You can expect to see Boldin (Cardinals), Moss (Patriots), Kevin Walter (Texans), Kelley Washington (Ravens), and others in Cutters Pink in October. Why pink football gloves? "Cutters' goal is to create thousands of pink glove impressions on football fields across the country in October because this unusual sight will generate additional interest in Breast Cancer Awareness, and hopefully motivate others to get involved," said Laura Beraznik, Cutters' Co-Founder and Brand Manager. "Moreover, the stereotype of a tough, rugged football player represents the incredible strength required and displayed by those fighting cancer." When asked about fans' reactions to seeing him in Pink, Boldin added, "At first, they might be wondering what's going on, but once they find out I am sure they will understand and support it." Cutters started giving away free Pink Football Gloves last year to raise awareness. The frenzy around Cutters Pink intensified, including high school players staying up all night to ensure they got a pair; parents coordinating their communications while at work so that they could each order a pair for their sons while they were at school; and teams using Cutters Pink as a launching pad to develop special fundraising events around Friday night games in October. Gaining the participation of top pros takes this awareness program to the next level. The Pink Gloves used by the pros this season will be auctioned off to raise funds for National Breast Cancer Awareness. Fans can bid on these gloves in November on

Quoting Jeff Tedford: "Yeah, I am frustrated," he said, groping for a fuller explanation that either wouldn't come or that he chose to choke down. "I don't know how anyone could not be. We just ... I guess we just go back and figure out to make what's worked work again, and what isn't working to get it better. Getting something more out of when we're in the red zone, better down and distance situations, all of it."

Quoting Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads after 24-23 loss to Kansas State: "We had turnovers, too many foolish penalties, and we were not effective enough on third down," a drained Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads offered after the game. "Three-and-outs were a big point of emphasis, and in the second half, you can't do that with the game on the line."

Quoting Dabo Swinney after 24-21 loss to Maryland: "The blame should come to me. The criticism should come to me. Don't blame those kids. Don't criticize our kids. Put it all on me. I'll handle it. I'll deal with it."

"It's little things. It's finishing plays," Swinney said. "It's critical penalties, missed tackles, things that we've got to coach them better. It's simple as that."

"Very surprised," Swinney said. "I certainly didn't plan for this, but that's where we are. There ain't a dad-gum thing I can do about it right now except get ready for Wake Forest and see if we can win a ballgame and go to the next one..

"You can quit or you can keep working to try to get better. I'm going to keep working to get better to see if I can get this football team better prepared, better coached and win a ballgame."

Quoting Ralph Friedgen after 24-21 win over Clemson: "You know, I don't worry about what you say or what you write," Friedgen said. "I've been at this 41 years. It comes with the territory, know what I'm saying? But I like winning. I've won most of my career. I haven't had many bad seasons. And I'm a competitor. So that bothers me.

"But I don't feel pressure. If they don't want me here, I'll go somewhere else. I think I'm pretty well-respected in the profession. I had a bunch of Clemson coaches come up to me afterward and talked to me and wished me the best. So as long as I've got my kids, that's all I'm [worried about]."

Frank Beamer compliments Duke program after 34-26 win: "I thought we played hard. I think Duke has a good program. You look at those defensive guys, up front they have some size, their linebackers are good. Offensively their quarterback is putting the ball on the money most of the day. I think Duke is a good football team. I don't think that's the old Duke football team. I think that's the new Duke football team."

Quoting David Cutcliffe after 34-26 loss to Virginia Tech: "Well it is. The bottom line, if we play better, we win the game. I know that sounds stupid, but let me explain myself. We did a lot of thing that we had to do going in to win the game. We were tit for tat with them on both lines of scrimmage for most of the game. I thought our defense got beat down a little bit there late. Most of their rushing yards came in the last two possessions. We were equal in the battle of the line of scrimmage, which had me greatly concerned. We made some plays on offense and came close to making some plays on defense. They had a guy that caught six balls and averaged 24 yards a catch and another guy caught three balls and averaged 31 yards a catch; that will get you beat. We need a little better production from our part on third down. Offensively, we didn't get it done and didn't get off the field when we had a chance."

Dennis Erickson's thoughts on coaching the offensive line: "It's the hardest job in football," Erickson said, "because you got to have all five guys working at the same time. There are a lot of positions where you can make a mistake. You can make a mistake on defense and somebody else can make up for it. But when you're the offensive-line coach, you got five guys moving and they all have to know what they're doing."

Quoting Lane Kiffin after 26-22 loss to Auburn: "From the beginning in the first half, I thought our offense really put our defense in a number of bad situations by not converting on third down. When you have an offense that's as hard to play as that [Auburn's] offense, the last thing you need to do is afford three-and-outs and put eight times. We were [4]-of-17 on third downs. I don't know that you can ever win a game like that. I think that's a big storyline for the game. Going [4]-of-17 on third down is not going to win you games. We need to play a lot better on third down. On defense, even though we played well at times, we do have to give them a lot of credit. Some players made some plays. That's a good team with a bunch of good players. They did a good job.