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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Monday October 5, 2009

Quoting Les Miles: "Our football team - if you turn your back on them, they're going to beat you up and steal victory," Miles said. "They like to play. They're competitive men. They wanted the game. I'm so proud of them - I can't tell you."

Miles even got so happy after the game he threw his hat into a crowd of LSU fans.

"[Defensive coordinator John] Chavis told me, he said, ‘What you do here is when you win, you throw your hat into the crowd,'" Miles said. "I figured I haven't been here before, maybe that's what everybody does. So I threw my hat in the crowd."

Quoting Butch Davis about offensive struggles: "I referenced the Baltimore Ravens in 2000, that they won the Super Bowl...they didn't score an offensive touchdown for seven weeks. Sometimes you've got to find ways to win ugly. If you coach long enough, and our players have played long enough, sometimes the shoe is on the other foot from a team perspective. There were times last year when we were scoring 35, 38 points and that wasn't enough."

Quotes from UTEP head coach Mike Price before upsetting #12 Houston: "I'm at my best in these situations," Price said. "As a coach I'm going to do a great job, the players are going to get back mentally. I told the team to stick together, to stick up for each other. We need to learn from our mistakes, be accountable for our own actions."

"This game will bring us together as a team, it will bring us closer. After the game, I thought the season was over. ... It's not, it's not. I had to look at the schedule to remind myself there are eight games left.

If we play well, 10 games, nine games."

"This is the beginning of the season."

Quoting Bobby Bowden: "I already know in the back of my mind when I want to leave here," Bowden said. "So I won't let one guy's speculation tell me when to move or what decision to make. It'll be based with me, our president and our university."

"What if we hadn't dropped that interception?" Bowden asked. "What if that field goal was good? Would y'all be asking me the same questions today? It's not two different worlds. We made mistakes. They didn't."

"That gives you a lot of hope and encouragement," Bowden said, "but it's a shame it has to be that way. We shouldn't be in a situation like that. I think there's enough quality on this football team and enough brains on this staff to eventually get this thing together.

"You simply can't give up," he added. "I refuse to."

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Quoting Ron Zook: Head coach Ron Zook said Sunday that replacing quarterback Juice Williams is among the potential changes he is going to consider in the coming days. Williams has thrown four interceptions and one touchdown on the season and averages just 129.8 pass yards a game.

"Obviously, there's an awful lot of conversation and talk about that," Zook said Sunday on a conference call with reporters. "That's something we're going to talk about. ... Right now, I'm considering changing everybody."

Q&A with Idaho head coach Rob Akey, Idaho is 4-1: Q: How are things different for you now than, say, last year at this point? A: "It's more fun. We haven't changed from the day we got started, but the scoreboard is reading different now. The biggest thing that's different is coming in here on Sunday. The first year, we knew it was going to take some work and there were going to be hard times. You come in on Sunday and you tell them 'you do this and this' and this is how things are going to get better. That was tough because that team worked their butts off. The same thing was true last year, but I found on Sunday that not only do we have to get the players stirred back up, I had a group of coaches that I felt like I had to get their chins off the floor because they're competitors, too. Then you go to the team meeting and do the same thing with the players. After that, I grab the mirror out of the drawer and say 'OK big fella, keep going.' Being able to enjoy it, that's what different and it's fun. We missed those days and it's fun to have them back." Link...

Quoting Wyoming head coach Dave Christensen after 30-28 win at FAU: "My hat's off to our kids, they've trained extremely hard," Christensen said. "I think we're in tremendous shape and to come here in this heat and humidity and wear down the opposing team that trains in it is a testament to how hard our kids have worked."

Quoting Boston College head coach Frank Spaziani: "I think what helps is success. That obviously helps the learning curve," said Spaziani yesterday. "You're teaching, you're working, you're preaching, you're trying to do things. And if you're not having success, you still have to work, preach and try to do things to move forward. We're having some success and therefore we should be able to build on that."