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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Tuesday October 7, 2009

Big 10 coaches shows (Watch here):Videos...

Duke team motivational video before VA Tech game:Video...

Quoting Dabo Swinney: "We're not doing a good enough job of coaching," Swinney said. "That's the bottom line. It's really that simple. We have to do a better job. I hear you. Let me tell you, Heather, I'm a Clemson fan myself. I'm mad. I'm not happy. Nobody should be happy. Nobody is trying to make this a rosy day. I'm very, very disappointed in where we are, but I also understand that this is a football team that did a lot of things to put themselves in position to win.

San Jose State assistant coach Joe Salave'a loses some family in tsunami:Link...

Quoting Lane Kiffin: "As much as you want to win every game, it's not maybe as important . . . in recruiting as we believe it to be because they're not here right now. That record doesn't affect them. They see the future. They see what's going on."

"People that follow recruiting I think will tell you that we're doing a phenomenal job and that we're going to have a bunch of great players here for years to come," Kiffin said.

Furman mascot runs through Elon College practice: Our sources emailed us this photo taken at the Elon College practice last week before playing Furman. Elon defeated Furman 19-12. It looks like Furman sent a horse right through the Elon practice field or Elon head coach Pete Lembo reached into his bag of tricks (that he got from Pete Carroll, who stole from Woody Hayes, who stole from somebody else). Whatever it takes, baby! Elon is now 4-1, with their only loss coming to Wake Forest.

Mullen and Mississippi State practice routine is a little unusual: Under Dan Mullen, the first practice of a Mississippi State game week is different than the others. Starters leave early, and the whole team practices without pads. It's closer to a walk-through than anything else.

Then, there's what Mullen calls "Sunday Night Football," a play off NBC's broadcast of pro teams the same night. That's when this year's redshirts and other younger guys who rarely get on the field are able to shed their scout team duties and play in a full scrimmage.

It allows Mullen and his staff a chance to evaluate them. And it gives them a chance to continue to learn State's schemes instead of emulating the other team's as they do the rest of the week on scout team.

"They came to play some football," Mullen said Monday, before his team held an out-of-schedule "Monday Night Football" after a switch of practice dates. "A lot of times, they're doing scout team work and other things. It gives them the opportunity to actually run our offense and our defense. Gives them an opportunity to go play the game. I think they enjoy it as a mental relief from some of the other things they have to do."

Quoting Mario Cristobal: "There is no magic potion,'' coach Mario Cristobal said. "There is no magic formula. There is no waiting for someone to go downfield and just make a play and it's just going to happen. We need to make it happen. There is a clear understanding of that in the locker room and the only way to do that is through persistence. Hell, persistence will fix half the problems in this world and we are no different.

It's not about all the hype and this and that, it's about us as a football team continuing to work to get better. That is all we know. That is our approach. That's what we're going to do. Whatever it takes we'll continue pushing forward, pounding, finding a way to work harder, learn more on film, get more players in the football game, keep developing, keep recruiting.''

Nike rep congratulates LA Tech and Dooley: "We've gotten feedback from around the country because so many people watched that game," Dooley said. "I'm proud of our fans for the great job they did ... they wore the red. It's hard to put a price tag on that exposure for the program."

Dooley even received a complimentary phone call from Nike officials, who provide a large segment of Tech gear.

"They said, ‘man, you guys beat Under Armour.' It was a great win. Hawaii's an Under Armor team. That's good. Here we are with another chance on Friday night," Dooley said. "This will be a different crowd on Friday night with high school football. This will be the club/bar crowd... but you guys know more about that than I do."

Urban Meyer comments on questionable illegal celebration calls in SEC: "That's just awful," Meyer told reporters in Gainesville, Fla. "I can't stand that when then happens. I just think that's wrong."