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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Wednesday October 7, 2009

Richt thinks it's time to look at illegal celebration rule: The day after the Southeastern Conference said a crucial excessive celebration penalty that went against Georgia was wrong, Bulldogs coach Mark Richt said the rule might need to be changed.

"It might be time to look at that," Richt said Tuesday. "We've just got to be careful not to take the joy out of the game for the players and the ability to celebrate something good. I do think that it has to be a certain way, but if it involved taunting an opponent, there certainly should be a flag for that."

Quoting Miami OC Mark Whipple: "Offensively, I don't think we're very good - honestly," Whipple said. "We have a long way to go."

He pointed the finger at himself. "The play calling hasn't been great," Whipple said. "I made a lot mistakes the other night (against Oklahoma)."

USF head coach Jim Leavitt upset with "Welcome to the Big 4" billboard, not his idea: "I had nothing to do with (the billboard), I don't know how it got up, and I don't know who put it up," Leavitt said Tuesday. "We have not won national championships, and we have not won conference championships. What gives us the right to sit there all of a sudden like we've won all these championships and done all this stuff? That's not me. That's never been me."

"I don't want people to sit there and think I think we're all that - because we're not. We're a program that's trying to get competitive. We're a program trying to build." Photo of billboard...

Marshall coach Mark Snyder preparing for Supderdome: On Sunday, Snyder conducted special teams drills from sideline to sideline so the Herd specialists could get acclimated to having their vision impaired by stadium lights.

"We will get down there (to the Superdome) on Friday and catch some punts and kickoffs," Snyder said.

Coaching Temple took toll on Wallace, now at West Alabama: "There was no animosity there at all," Wallace said. "I've got to say that the administration at Temple was always good to me. They tried to support me and the program as best we could."

The Owls officially joined the Mid-American Conference for the 2007 season, something Wallace said he wished he would have pushed to the administration years before the downward spiral.

But despite his lack of success with Temple, times are better now for Wallace. The 54-year-old has moved back to his Southern stomping grounds, and has made an impact with his new team, D-II West Alabama. In his first season, 2006, he guided the Tigers to their first winning record since 1992. And even after suffering a heartbreaking, five-overtime loss to Gulf Coast Conference foe Southern Arkansas on Sept. 17, UWA has a 3-3 record this season, winning its first three games before a three-game losing streak. Link...

Mangino's calmness in locker room helped Kansas: Kansas football coach Mark Mangino can throw a changeup when it's least expected. When he does, his players have a tendency to remember it. Halftime last season in Ames, Iowa, with Kansas trailing underdog Iowa State 20-0, was one of his most memorable changeups.

"What do I remember?" Kerry Meier said, echoing the question. "How calm the atmosphere was. Walking up that ramp at halftime, all I could imagine was how loud it was going to be in there. But coach was very calm and collected. He was relaxed and under control. I think that's the way it was handled best. We're under control. We're not stressed by any means. We're confident in what we're doing. We have another 30 minutes to play. ... I think everyone was ready for an earful of stuff, but he did catch us by surprise." Link...

Jim Leavitt stands up for Bobby Bowden: South Florida head coach Jim Leavitt, who has admired Bowden for years, found the topic "embarrassing" and "sad" at the Bulls' weekly media luncheon Tuesday.

"What he's done for that program is legendary, and to me, he should have every right to retire whenever he wants to," Leavitt said.