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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Monday October 12, 2009

Quoting ESPN's Mike Greenberg this morning on "MIKE & MIKE": "Wow. They should have made convicted felons watch the Browns vs. Bills game. That whole thing was painful. Let's be honest, Browns quarterback Derek Anderson was 2 of 17 passing for 23 yards and the Browns won 6-3."

Ball State head coach Stan Parrish compliments Temple defense after 24-19 loss: "If that's not the best defense, especially physically, we've played since I've been at Ball State, it's right up there," Parrish, the Ball State head coach said of Temple.

Quoting David Cutcliffe after quarterback completed 40-50 passes in win over NC State: "He was really special," Cutcliffe said. "I'll probably upset a couple of my former quarterbacks, but I believe that's the best game I've ever had a quarterback play in my college career."

"I think people understand we're serious about football at Duke," he said. "That's huge. Whether they're in the state of North Carolina or wherever people can run, play and compete, we'll recruit them. We're going to win at Duke. We're going to win, and we're serious about playing football at Duke."

David Cutcliffe post-game interview after win over NC State:Link...

Quoting Lane Kiffin: "They gave up a 52-yard field goal," Kiffin said of his defense, which gave up 241 yards. "They (the Bulldogs) never got inside the red zone. I don't know that I've never been a part of a game (where) the defense didn't let a team into the red zone one time."

Quoting South Carolina quarterbacks coach G.A. Mangus: G.A. Mangus tells Spurrier during game through headsets (talking about outstanding true freshman receiver Alshon Jeffrey: "There's a reason those coaches from Southern California came all the way to Calhoun City (South Carolina)."

Josh McDaniels wired on sidelines:Video...

Mark Richt very upset after loss to Tennessee: "We've got to get better period," Richt said. "We've got to get better on offense. We've got to get better on defense. We've got to get better in all ways. We've got to get better coaching.

"I guess what I'm saying is where we are right now is a culmination of everything and I'm not pointing the finger at any one individual. We all have to improve."

Richt said the coaching staff must "make sure when we put a plan in, that it's not too much and that our team is capable of doing what we want to do."

"There's been some other frustrating games, but this one ranks up there pretty good," Richt said when asked if he has ever had so many problems in a game on offense.

"It's not what we were accustomed to at Georgia, that's for sure," Richt said when asked about the defense. "It's definitely something that's got to be corrected."

Quoting Tommy West after beating UTEP 35-20: ‘‘To say I was proud of (this) football team would be an understatement,'' West said. ‘‘Just this bunch sticking together, not worrying about the (distractions), not worrying about what was going on outside ... makes me proud.''

Quoting New Mexico head coach Mike Locksley: "I've never been 0-6. There's been some 1-5's," he said. "I don't ever recall being 0-6 per se, but I do recall going through long stretches without wins. I think the best way to keep (this team) together is to keep loving them, keep showing them the positive things they're doing and staying consistent. I've been on some staffs where you've had long stretches of losing and sometimes you go into panic mode."

Good article on South Carolina defensive coordinator / secondary coach Lorenzo Ward:Link...