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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Wednesday October 14, 2009

Brady Hoke's contract details:Link...

Mississippi State AD Greg Byrne compliments Dan Mullen: "The energy, the intensity, the accountability across the board, the excitement he brings has really gotten our university, our fan base and our state enthused about Mississippi State football," Byrne said.

"Obviously, the record is not what we'd want, but everybody you talk to, you hear that they're enjoying what they're seeing. And the future is very bright.

"I've been around head coaches my whole life," said Byrne, son of Texas A&M director of athletics Bill Byrne, "and he's the best marketing coach I've ever been around by far.

"He understands it."

Video of new plan for Duke's Wallace Wade Stadium:Video...

Dabo Swinney refutes report: Dabo Swinney said Tuesday reports of a verbal confrontation with offensive coordinator Billy Napier and that he frequently overrides offensive play calls "are far from accurate."

"There comes a time when you need to motivate your coaches and challenge them. Everybody wants to write about me and Billy, but what about me and (Danny) Pearman, and Coach Scott and Coach (Andre) Powell and Coach (Kevin) Steele? I got a piece of all them, too, and every one of the players. Football practice sometimes isn't for the feint of heart." Link....

Quoting Mark Richt: Someone asked about Evans' statement. Said Richt, correcting the question's use of the word "program": "I think he said he had concerns about the 'season.' I have concerns about the season. But we're a very strong program. When you finish No. 10 in the coaches' poll last year and No. 2 the year before and when you're in the Top 10 six out of seven years ... that's not bad."

That's more than not bad - it's exceptional. But it's also yesterday's news, as Richt conceded. "That's the past. I understand that. But this season is not over. It is just not over."

Quoting Tom O'Brien: "I was ecstatic," O'Brien said of learning that Spaziani got the BC job last winter. "I thought he richly deserved to be the head coach. I think he's a perfect fit for what BC wants as a head football coach. And I think he'll do a great job."

Quoting Nick Saban: "This is one of those things, I've used this analogy before, we are kind of climbing a mountain and the higher you get the more treacherous it is, the more focus you need and more discipline and execution," Saban said Monday nearly echoing his postgame statement following Saturday's win at Ole Miss.

Quoting Pat Fitzgerald: "Trust me I'd prefer not to," Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald said of coaching in so many close games. "I'm not really pleased I'm going gray at the age of 34 but it just seems that's the way we are around here."

Quoting Steve Spurrier: "(You) play it a little more wide open, hope that everything hits, than you would (normally)," Spurrier said. "You certainly have no chance if you play conservatively against a team like this, unless you feel like your defense can play really well. If we feel like our defense can stop them almost every time, then you can play conservatively. Alabama's got such a good defense."