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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Tuesday October 20, 2009

Great Nick Saban article:Link...

Interesting quotes from Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez: "I said going in I thought we would be sneaky good, and I think we are. We're getting excellent quarterback play, and our defense has been opportunistic. I think this is a resilient team," Alvarez added.

"Take a look at the team, the majority of the players were freshmen and sophomores (last year), with a few juniors. The team is going to continue to get better and I think they're very competitive right now," Alvarez added. "I don't even like addressing last year, it's over. Let's talk about this season. I'm not really concerned about what someone said a year ago or coming into this season."

"I think (Bielema's) record speaks for itself," Alvarez said. "I know this, I'm responsible for 23 teams (at Wisconsin), and the engine that runs (the athletic department) is the football program. If it's not being run properly, then I'm going to make sure it is."

"This is an instant-gratification society. That's the way we live, and that's what people are accustomed to in their everyday life," Alvarez said. "I think blogs, Twitter, Facebook and all that has changed the coaching profession. Anybody can attack a coach at any time, whether there is justification or not.

"It puts a lot of pressure on coaches, but coaches earn their money. They get paid high salaries because it's a very, very tenuous job," Alvarez added. "They understand that and know they have to live with it."

Quoting Les Miles: "Our football team understands what is in front of us," Miles said. "The measure of our season will be made not on what we've done but we will do."

"The team that improves the most from this point forward has every opportunity to be in the title game," Miles said.

"I think we're doing the right things; I think we need to execute a little better, " he said. "We did spend a lot of time in our open week throwing the ball down the field. Our guy can do that."

Quoting Dennis Erickson: "It's a lot different feeling this it was a year ago," ASU coach DennisErickson said Monday. "I see us improving all the time and getting better offensively. We struggled so much last year. When you see yourself getting better, you know there is hope to winning every game that's left. That's a good feeling to have that confidence."

Texas Tech traveling players to cheer: At Texas Tech, a "fourth side'' has been added.

"Our sideline is our fourth side,'' Tech defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill said. "If you participate in sports, having your teammates cheer for you is a big, big deal. And we make a big deal out of it.''

Red Raiders head coach Mike Leach ordered almost all benches removed from the sideline at home so his players would be forced to stand up and watch.

But just watching isn't enough.

"We're traveling with some guys right now who know they're not going to play one second,'' McNeill said. "Their job is to go through pregame and then make sure they cheer the team on.

"That's one thing Mike has done, and we've agreed to it as coaches.''

Pac-10 assistant football coaches' salaries:


Total full-time assistants: $1,534,900.

Offensive coordinator Sonny Dykes: $278,125.

Defensive coordinator Mark Stoops: $281,014.

Lowest-paid assistant: $95,000.

Arizona State

Total full-time assistants: $1,482,000.

OC Rich Olson: $206,500.

DC Craig Bray: $206,500.

Lowest-paid assistant: $90,000.


Total full-time assistants: $1,458,000.

OC Andy Ludwig: $248,000.

DC Bob Gregory: $230,000.

Lowest-paid assistant: $105,000.


Total full-time assistants: $1,525,000.

OC Mark Helfrich: $203,600.

DC Nick Aliotti: $240,000.

Lowest-paid assistant: $130,100.

Oregon State

Total full-time assistants: $1,199,232.

OC Danny Langsdorf: $156,912.

DC Mark Banker: $225,000.

Lowest-paid assistant: $120,000.


Total full-time assistants: $1,868,750.

OC Norm Chow: $300,000.

DC Chuck Bullough: $310,000.

Lowest-paid assistant: $130,000.


Total full-time assistants: $2,035,032.

OC Doug Nussmeier: $275,004.

DC Nick Holt: $600,000.

Lowest-paid assistant: $110,004.

Washington State

Total full-time assistants: $1,120,000.

OC Todd Sturdy: $150,000.

Co-DC Chris Ball: $170,000.

Co-DC Jody Sears: $140,000.

Lowest-paid assistant: $100,000.

Quoting Ron Zook: "We've got to make things happen," Zook said on Sunday. "This is a bad, sick feeling. I told them, this is going to end when we decide it's going to end."

Terry Bowden's North Alabama team ranked #1 in D2 Poll: "It's big because it's our first No. 1 ranking in 13 years and our first with coach (Terry) Bowden," said UNA Sports Information Director Jeff Hodges. "I've had requests to interview (Bowden) from outlets such as CBS and USA Today. We got a lot of publicity when he came here, but this is even bigger.

"This is why coach Bowden came here and this is why we wanted him here."

"We have a lot of respect for the ranking, but it means nothing if we can't line up and beat Valdosta State this week," Bowden said. "We are going to fight hard to keep it but our players have to understand the vote only lasts for seven days. There are no awards given for mid-season No. 1 rankings."

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