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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Wednesday October 21, 2009

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Steve Spurrier upset with Alabama field goal operation: Spurrier called into question Tuesday whether Alabama was allowed to put down a piece of white tape on its field-goal tries, to mark the spot for its holds.

"I didn't know you could put a little piece of white tape down for where your spot is on extra-point (and) field goals," Spurrier said. "Maybe it's legal, I don't know, but that's the first time I'd ever seen that."

Funny Steve Spurrier quote: "We don't look like Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints back there, let's put it that way," Spurrier said of his own offense. "I love watching those guys play. There's no hesitation. He's really good and they've got a good offense; they know what they're doing. It's fun watching those guys when you get a chance."

Article about Sarkisian needing to delegate: Link...

D1 quarterbacks from Texas: In a recent story on the spread of the spread, the Dallas Morning News reported 24 of 120 starting quarterbacks in the Football Bowl Subdivision (20 percent) are from Texas.

Maryland and South Carolina to wear special camouflage uniforms: Maryland will wear special uniforms featuring black and desert camouflage for its Nov. 14 game against VA Techto honor U.S. armed forces.

The University of South Carolina will wear similar uniforms that day - three days after Veterans Day - for its game against Florida.

The tribute was announced Tuesday by officials from Maryland, Baltimore-based Under Armour and the Wounded Warrior Project, which provides services for injured service members and their families.

Quoting David Cutcliffe after hearing Duke is favored over Maryland: "Lord have mercy. I certainly wouldn't think we should get big-headed about anything around here," Cutcliffe added. "The only thing I want them to be is confident."

Quoting Army head coach Rich Ellerson: "We're not on the three-year plan, we are on the three-day plan," Ellerson said. "I hear the right voice on our football team. I see the kind of progress I'm looking for.

Quoting Tim Brewster: "Ohio State is Ohio State," Brewster said. "You're going to get their best shot every week, and I don't think that there's going to be extended motivation because of the loss last week against Purdue. I think it's very simple. They turned the ball over. There is no magic to it. There is no science to it. They turned the football over a number of times against Purdue. That's not how you win football games, particularly on the road in the Big Ten."

"Yeah, would I like it to be faster or sooner? At the same time, we aren't backing up. We are gaining on it. We are giving ourselves a chance each week and we are winning some. It's not like we are 0-for. We are continuing to compete. We are keeping score. It's uphill."

Quoting Steve Spurrier: "My patience is pretty good, I think," Spurrier said, grinning. "I didn't get mad at all last week (at Alabama) after a few errant plays."

"I got mad at the Kentucky game," he said. "I did throw my headset and visor off one time on a play.

"I try not to do that. I don't like to act upset on the sideline. I tried to remain calm the last game."

Quoting Rick Neuheisel: We allowed 35 points in the first half, and that is not something that I anticipated. These are difficult times. And in difficult times, the key is for everybody to know that there is a plan. The plan will begin in earnest tomorrow. In the first quarter of the season we were 3-0, and in the second quarter of the season we went 0-3. Now we have to take inventory as a coaching staff. We have to question what we are coaching and teaching, and we have to make sure that this can be executed by those players on the field.

Petrino talks about the Razorbacks' defense: "They've played hard. They've done a nice job of doing what you need to do to play good defense. They've stopped the run and have been very sound in gap control and getting the linebackers to come downhill and attack which doesn't leave many seams. We've tackled much better and have shed blocks much better. We've done a much better job on first-and-10 and that puts pressure on the other team to throw the ball. When we've been in good situations on second and third-and-longs, we've done well rushing the passer. We had six sacks against Florida when they came into the game having only given up five. Our coverage played well."

Dave Wannstedt talks about USF: Now we regroup and get ready for South Florida. When you look at this football team, the one word that describes them would be explosive. They are explosive, not just at the quarterback position, or receiver. I mean, they are explosive at the defensive line. They are explosive at the running back position. They've probably got as good of talent man for man across the board as anyone in our conference. They were the team when the season started that I picked to be, because of their experience coming back, they would be at the top of the list as a candidate to win the Big East. They're a talented football team. We know what to expect. This is always a fun game because we have players from Florida. It's the one game where they get an opportunity to play against a lot of guys that they see once a year that they've grown up with. It's a neat game that way. Our kids are excited. With it being Homecoming, now we have to just keep our focus, keep our feet on the ground and get ready for the challenge come Saturday."