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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Monday October 26, 2009

Grad assistant coach given strict order: Numerous college teams are utilizing a certain play in the red zone. UNC scored versus FSU on this play last Thursday night (we have the highlights). In recent weeks, Minnesota and Alabama (had to check out of it against Ole Miss) have attempted to run this gadget play. It's the same play LSU scored on versus Ohio State in the 2007 BCS national championship game. We hear that a certain ACC grad assistant was given strict orders to randomly run this play with the scout team at least 3 times this week during practice. Defensive coordinators: Watch This Play. An offensive lineman is usually displaced. It's the 2nd UNC touchdown in the highlights here.Video...

Quoting Lane Kiffin (thinks Bama should have been penalized): "To me,'' he said, "the rule is this: If a play is still going on, you can't take your helmet off.

"The play is still going. The ball is sitting there. If Luke (Stocker, UT tight end) sees the ball he can pick it up and go score a touchdown and we win the game. The guy (Cody) throws his helmet, then two of their guys go recover the ball.

"It's a 15-yard penalty and we kick again.'' Link...

Video of blocked field goal and Nick Saban post-game interview on field:Video...

Quoting Dan Mullen (on blown calls Saturday night by SEC refs): "That's twice now that they've blown calls on the replay with our games, resulting in big plays, and I think that's unexcusable for that official. I hope he's severely pun­ished if he ever works another SEC game again, because I think it's completely unac­ceptable," Mullen said.

Quoting Mark Dantonio: "They're fine. Our guys are resilient," Dantonio said of his players' emotional state. "They understand, just like myself, you have an opportunity to win that football game. And they also understand that they played very well.

"I think they move on to the next challenge. I think that's natural for them. They don't see this as an end-all, and that's what I want."

Quoting Nick Saban: "I didn't want to say this, but I felt like our team was really tired this week psychologically, probably more mentally than really physically," coach Nick Saban said after the UT win. "We had a lot of guys beat up, a lot of guys missed practice and a lot of guys struggling to do what we need to do, but there are a lot of positives in this game today."

Quoting Mike Stoops: "It's exciting ... yeah, it's nice to get some recognition," Stoops said in a news release. "It's a reflection of how we've played in our first seven games. But it also means very little. There are a lot of tough football games left."

"We've played a very difficult schedule, and our kids have come through in a very positive position," Stoops said. "I couldn't be more pleased with where we're at. There's still room for improvement, and I hope we can get healthy for this stretch run."

Quoting UNLV coach Mike Sanford after defeating New Mexico: The win also earned Rebels' players an unexpected gift. "I was so excited," said Sanford, "I gave 'em tomorrow off."

Quoting South Florida OC Mike Canales: "We need to start leaning against each other. Our backs are against the wall a little bit," he said. "You say, 'Hey, who are we?' Are we going to lie down, or are we going to come back and fight. I think you're going to see fighters."

Quoting Bobby Petrino after 30-17 loss to Ole Miss: "Every time in the game where we had a chance to get back into it, their defensive line and linebackers got to our quarterback," said Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino. "They rushed him or hit him."

Vols now practice on Sunday instead of Monday: The Vols will continue to practice on Sunday evening on a permanent basis. Kiffin said he made the decision during UT's bye week. "I wanted to look at both ways, having been around both," he said. "I think that at (Southern California), we did it the way we were doing it the first six games, but we also won every game. It was a lot better because you're rehashing a win. It's a little bit different when you have to wait 24 hours to rehash a loss. We'll start winning, but we'll also move it up."

Quoting Duke head coach David Cutcliffe after defeating Marlyand 17-3: "I looked at our team and I saw their eyes," Cutcliffe said. "And I felt the energy of our staff and I heard the headsets and everybody here knew we were going to win the football game. They didn't know how. But they knew we were going to win the football game."

"This is a step," he said. "But that's all it is."

Q&A with UTEP head coach Mike Price:

Q: How much longer do you expect to coach at UTEP?

A: Forever, as long as you have me. I got a contract. I don't even look at it to see how many years I have left. It's a multi-year contract. I could leave the university because of illness maybe, when the alumni gets sick and tired of me. But that's the only way I'll leave. But I want to win our conference, and I want to win our division, and I want to go to a bowl game. Those are the things I want to accomplish at this university before I think about retiring.

Q: After defeating Houston and Tulsa, is this your best shot at winning a conference championship?

A: Gosh. I don't know. What people don't realize, and I think we are not used to thinking this way because it's new being in this new conference, but every team in this conference can beat the other team. We are playing University of Alabama at Birmingham. Who are they? We don't even know who they are, what their mascot is. We haven't played them that much. But they have one of the best quarterbacks in the entire country -- Joe Webb. He is unbelievable. I was watching the tape on him yesterday, and I'm just going like: "Oh my god, not again."