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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Friday October 30, 2009

Quoting Mack Brown: "Kicking game is the best since we've been here," said Brown, in his 12th season as the Texas coach.

Quoting Jordan Shipley: "Our coaching staff makes a huge deal about special teams," Shipley said. "Players have bought into it."

Shipley said that on some teams, "it's like pulling teeth to get guys out there. With our team, everybody wants to be out there."

Tim Brewster & OC Jedd Fisch working hard: Tim Brewster was asked Wednesday why first-year offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch looks so tired all the time, as if he never gets any sleep.

"That's the life of a football coach; our staff puts in a lot of hours - a ton of hours," said Brewster, the University of Minnesota's third-year coach. "That's part of the deal. Everyone is sleep-deprived."

Brewster never appears as drained as Fisch, who often has bloodshot eyes and sounds groggy.

"He's very determined, he's a hard worker, he's here probably for the whole day - that's probably why he's sick all the time," Weber said of Fisch. "I know it's been hard. But he's a very strong person mentally. He has confidence in his ability as a play caller, so it's all about staying positive."

Quoting Temple head coach Al Golden: We have a long way to go, but I think the campus is excited. I am happy for our student-athletes but perhaps more thrilled for our student body. They've been hearing how bad their football team is for years so we're glad we are better. We are 1.8 miles from the center of the city and two blocks from Broad Street. We get a lot of traffic that comes past our facility. I can't repeat what they used to say the first 2.5 years as they drove by, but I can tell you that now they sometimes scream at the top of their lungs they are proud. Of course, it wouldn't be Philly if they didn't say, "Keep winning! I won money on you last week!"

The 'B' word (Bowl)! We do not talk about anything other than today. Everyone in the organization shares the belief that it is the process that leads to the product. Goals plus execution equals outcome. We believe that those who focus solely on dreams/goals but do not adhere to the process on a daily basis end up falling short in end. We talk to our players about "staying on the picture" and executing our brand of football. Further, we tell them that when you start a prescription to cure a virus/disease you must finish the prescription. Right now we are trying to finish the prescription. Anything short of that-media, outside agendas, bowl talk-is poison.

Former USF OC Greg Gregory on USF traditional mid-season slumps: "Offensively, I felt there wasn't enough depth on the offensive line," Gregory said. "There wasn't enough competition to push guys and there weren't enough guys [to practice] so the starters wore down. We deteriorated up front at mid-season.

"That's the only thing I could trace it to. There was not a lot of competition on the offensive line and you don't improve as the season goes on. I think everything starts up front -- you have to develop depth there -- it does two things: It increases competition and allows you to practice more guys and you don't get beat up as bad."

Former USF DC Wally Burnham on traditional mid-season USF slumps:"We could never put our finger on it," Burnham said. "We could never put it on why it always happened. We looked at the practice schedule, how much we were training them.

"Here's the deal: somehow when I was there, we lost our focus somehow -- I don't know about this year -- but we lost our focus in practice and in games. That's all I can go back to. Whether that was the reason, I don't know.

"It's hard. It's something. It's something that we missed and didn't get done."