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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Sunday November 1, 2009

Quoting Pete Carroll after 47-20 loss at Oregon: "We've been here before," Carroll told his players in the painfully somber visitors' locker room. "Two years ago, the guys understood that this loss doesn't mean anything for what's next. This is the truth -- what we do next, how we handle this is what's important."

"We can't do anything about what just happened -- I wish we could, but we can't," an emotional Carroll told his players. "It's about what's next, it's about how we bounce back, it's about how we finish. That's the truth."

"It's going to be hard, but suck it up and let's do something about our next opportunity," Carroll said in the locker room on Saturday night. "If it were easy, it wouldn't be worth anything.

"So let's rally, let's get back on track.""It is how you respond that matters."

Quoting Oregon State head coach Mike Riley: "We did all the things to self destruct, and luckily we won the game despite how we played in the lot of it."

"We'll celebrate the win for a couple of hours, but there are a lot of things to look at tomorrow, and that's just not the kind of stuff you should be doing," Riley said.

Quoting Kansas head coach Mark Mangino: Reesing took six sacks, so many they became a factor when Kansas changed QBs.

"I didn't want him to take another hit," Kansas' coach said. "I didn't want him to get sacked again from the blindside or scramble and take a hit when our offensive line play was not up to snuff."

Everyone, from Reesing on down, will be fighting for his job.

"My players know very well I'm not hesitant to put anybody on the bench who is not up to our standards. All 11 guys out there need to be whirling at their best when we hit the practice field tomorrow."

Quoting Tulane head coach Bob Toledo after 42-0 loss to LSU: "It's a little bit of a mismatch, regardless of what people want to say," Toledo said. "They're good. They are bigger, faster and stronger than we are. Their X's are bigger than our X's and their O's are bigger than our O's, plain and simple."

Quoting Duke head coach David Cutcliffe after 28-17 win over UVA: "I am really proud of our entire operation. That was a complete football game, but certainly not an easy game. My hat is off to Virginia - they were well prepared, they played extremely hard and they made it difficult for us on offense. They were a tough match-up for us. The best part of it was that we were relentless. We kept playing. I told Kurt [Roper] to just keep throwing it, we gave up (six) sacks, but the end results were good. I knew we had a tough match-up in the red zone, and I was too prophetic. I said to our coaches earlier in the week that when the field gets shorter and we are physically mis-matched, their secondary is really powerful and quick and it got a little tough for us down there but our offense kept playing. Our defense played a complete football game. They had a lot of big hits, did a tremendous job of stopping the run, and a tremendous job of competing and challenging every pass. Our kicking game - five field goals, wow, what can you say - it was huge. We still have things to shore up in the kicking game as we continue to move forward, but I could not be more proud of a group of people."

Quoting Southern Miss head coach Larry Fedora after 50-43 loss to Houston: "They're the best in the country," USM coach Larry Fedora said. "We knew they were good. We knew they were going to make plays and we knew we'd make plays. We ran out of time, that's all that happened."

Quoting Kevin Sumlin: "Keenum's level of play establishes an attitude for our whole team," Houston coach Kevin Sumlin said. "If we're behind, we're going to win the game. And if it's close, we're going to win that game. I don't think there's any doubt on our whole team. Case was talking about two different plays and about how we were going to score a touchdown. He was looking at the big picture. It's really comforting to the players and he believes that."

Rich Brooks compliments Mississippi State running game: "I'm not sure I remember a team running the ball as effectively on us the way they did," said Kentucky Coach Rich Brooks. "Most of it was between the tackles."

Kentucky defensive coordinator Steve Brown (on the Mississippi State counter play): "All day. All day. It was unbelievable," Brown said of MSU's success with the counter play. "We didn't do a good job of making it bounce east and west. It seemed like it was always going downhill on us."

Quoting Idaho head coach Robb Akey after 35-34 win over LA Tech: "It's certainly closer to reality," coach Robb Akey said. "We can't rest, though. We can't bank on saying seven's enough. So much matters on how the season ends up for everybody."

Quoting Lane Kiffin after 31-13 win over South Carolina: On defense: "I thought we had to get them out of rhythm. We talked about that all week with our guys. We brought a bunch of different blitzes. We need to communicate well. There were a number of times we had to check out of blitzes or back into blitzes based on their formations and what they were doing. We gave up too many yards today, but we continue to play great in red zone defense."

On the black jerseys: "It's a players game, and our players had been begging for them for a while. It was a night game and it was Halloween night. A couple of our players went over to Mike Hamilton and asked him about it. It was unbelievable to get them done that fast. I think it gave us some energy. I think you saw that in the way they came out and played early."

Quoting Dan Mullen after 31-24 win over Kentucky: "(At halftime) I told them to keep battling, keep battling, keep battling," Mullen said. "Good things are going to happen to you."