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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Friday November 7, 2009

Cincinnati head coach Brian Kelly a politician at heart: Brian Kelly, leader of the undefeated, fourth-ranked Cincinnati Bearcats, knows all about the art of influencing people and swaying opinions.

Kelly worked on Gary Hart's presidential campaign after graduating from college in 1983 and found that politics is great training to be a college football coach.

"The political background really helps,'' Kelly said. "Going to the local chicken-and-beer place in east Cincinnati or doing the home visits, that grass-roots part is so ingrained in being a politician because that's your groundswell of support.

"You go about fundraising and recruiting - building your program - pretty much the same way a campaign does in trying to energize your base and win over potential voters."

Quoting Mark Richt: "Everybody wants us to win. Everybody wants to find some kind of angle to see where they think we've got issues," Richt said. "So if everybody's going to start chiming in on what we need to do, then it's obvious that every part of our program is going to be looked at and questioned."

Richt said across the board his staff works to keep up with the latest advances around college football, whether it be strength and conditioning, Xs and Os or simple coaching methodology.

"Coaches go to conventions, strength coaches go to conventions, everybody goes to the seminars trying to stay on top of the cutting edge," Richt said. "Everybody gets together and they discuss the things they have, the things they do, what do you like and what don't you like. And everybody's got friends in the business where you can compare notes."

Quoting Ralph Friedgen: "There is a sense of urgency with me," Friedgen said. "I am tired of losing. One of the things I talked to players about, [it 's] about time we start winning."

Quoting Gene Chizik: "Strategically for us to get this roster back up to where it needs to be, we're going to need to prudent in the way we approach roster management,'' Chizik said on his weekly Tiger Talk radio show Thursday night. "We're working on that daily. We know we have to bring in some January guys. We're probably halfway there.

"That's where we're going with it. That's going to be huge."

Gary Patterson compliments San Diego State: "They're the most dangerous team below the surface in the league," said Gary Patterson, whose No. 6-ranked Frogs (8-0, 4-0) play at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego at 3 p.m. Saturday. "Offensively they have tremendous weapons at the skill positions. They have unbelievable wideouts. This year is no different. Their quarterback is growing up. You can just tell there's a confident air about them. They can play."

Quoting Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun: "Three or four years, we were exposed out in the open field," said Air Force coach Troy Calhoun. "Now I think we have closed some of that ground."

Quoting Maryland AD Debbie Yow: "Of course we would like to win more," Yow said on WJFK-FM's 'The Mike Wise Show.' "I don't think you're going to see Ralph or me, either one of us, saying, 'Yeah, we're satisfied.' Of course we are not. So far the season has been a disappointment, but the season is not over."

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