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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Monday November 9, 2009

Great wins for some coaches facing outside pressure this weekend: We are glad to see big wins this weekend for Dan Hawkins, Mike Sanford, Greg McMackin, JD Brookhart, Bob Toledo, Ron Zook, and Ricky Bustle.

There were a ton of outstanding coaching jobs over the weekend: These coaches put in ridiculous hours throughout the year with recruiting, player development, game planning, and building their teams. It's awesome that these coaching staffs can have special nights like Saturday. Please be sure to check our selections for Game Changing Coaches presented by Adidas tomorrow morning. We have some difficult decisions in choosing just 6 coaching staffs worthy of the honor this week. We are considering:

Nebraska (Defensive Staff)

Cincinnati (Offensive Staff)

ULM (Defensive Staff)

Ohio State (Defensive Staff)

Stanford (Offensive Staff)

Navy (Offensive Staff)

Northwestern (Defensive Staff) & head coach Pat Fitzgerald

Kansas State (Defensive Staff)

Fresno State (Offensive Staff)

Houston (Offensive Staff)

Clemson (Offensive Staff)

Oregon State (Offensive Staff)

ULL (Defensive Staff)

UNC (Defensive Staff)

West Alabama (Offensive Staff)

(Audio) George O'Leary tries to dismiss reporter from post-game press conference on Saturday (Pretty Interesting):Link...

Good article on Iowa DL coach Rick Kaczenski:Link...

Quoting Dan Hawkins after 35-34 win over Texas A&M: "I think they showed tremendous resolve, and I think that is a great think about them. They continue to believe. If we could clean up a few of those penalties then maybe we would not have to go through that. You have to love their resolve."

"We just said your backs can't get any closer to the wall. And if you want to go to a bowl game you have to win out. That's the way it is, it's 'March Madness'."

Quoting Mike Sherman after 35-34 loss to Colorado: "It was a great football game. You've got to give Colorado credit, they came ready to play. They hung in there with us. We never really put the close on them and they hung in there and battled back. I take my hat off to Coach Hawkins and his staff as well as the players. They did a great job. Our players battled as well, but they came up on the short end. I'm disappointed for them. We'll get back to work on Monday and get ready for the next one."

"We've been a better third down defense than we were today. When you can't get off the field on 3rd-and-16, there's something wrong right there. We'll look at that but we'll get that fixed. I told the kids, they're very disappointed, but we've got to go back to work and get ready for the next one. We'll correct our mistakes, be accountable, and move forward."

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Quoting Hawaii head coach Greg McMackin after 49-36 win over Utah State: "We've been going through some adversity, but I really admire my players and coaches for staying together."

"A lot of people have given up on us. There are many who have stayed with it just like the people in the stands. I appreciate them so much and so do the players."

"I'm excited to be home. I'm excited that our players get to be home for a couple of weeks and settle into their classes. Give them a chance to be regular students."

"I couldn't be more proud of my players and my coaches for hanging in there and not jumping off ship, not pointing fingers, but staying united and being Warriors to the end."

I'm not smiling yet. The win is a relief. I've never been in this type of situation before, I'm not a good loser. We've been through some unfortunate situations but you can never make excuses. So you always look at yourself in the mirror, and I put it on my shoulders. I try not to point fingers, but correct people and get us going in the right direction. Its our first step in the right direction.

Quoting Utah State head coach Gary Anderson after 49-36 loss to Hawaii: "We got beat by a better team tonight. They were more physical they we were and they dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides, so they won."

"Caught off guard? (by Hawai‘i's running game) No, I can't say we were caught off guard. I think that they executed, and they knocked us around up front; it's been an issue for us all year long."

"They ran the ball extremely well...We know they have good backs. They get enough carries that they run the ball effectively."

"It should have been a seven-point game (in the 3rd quarter). We couldn't take advantage of opportunities. We had our chances, and Hawai‘i did a nice job against the field goal and we can't get back down the field and score again."

They're a good team; Coach Mack is a good coach. They've got to get to seven wins to go to a bowl game and we knew we were going to get their best shot, no doubt about it, and obviously we got their best shot, so our hats off to them."

Quoting Akron coach JD Brookhart after 28-20 win over Kent State: I'll just tell you what i told the team, I don't think i've been as happy for a group of players as i've ever been for this group today to get what they've deserved for awhile. They've been through so much, to do what they're doing with the resilience they've shown. It's emotional football, this is a big game for our program and it always is. We've continued to improve in a number of areas. Defensively again, we gave a very solid performance. Patrick Nicely continues to get better, he's got a long way to go to become the great quarterback he can be but a great performance today. It was a little frustrating in the first half, it seemed like a lot of what we've been doing by keeping the defense out there too long and not running the ball well enough. Eventually we came out and were able to mix it up better in the second half and get those things done. It's a fantastic win and it means a lot to me, these kids and to this program.

I think if you take away the punt-fake at Penn State, we held them to 99 rushing yards. Our guys have played very good run-defense for the most part this season. We got worn down a few times in the fourth quarter and i think that compounds things, it makes them tough sometimes when you're worn out and playing 90 plays but for the most part coach Fleming does a phenomenal job with that group, including Brian Wagner and Mike Thomas.

Quoting UNLV head coach Mike Sanford after 35-16 win over Colorado State: "This was a great win for our team. I thought our guys played hard. They played hungry, like we expected. Our goal was to be 1-0 in November. We did that and I think it was a really good team win."

"The best thing about us was the efficiency on offense tonight. We didn't have any turnovers, we moved the ball and scored. We were four-for-four in the red zone."

"This was the first time that UNLV, in the history of UNLV, has beaten Colorado State in Las Vegas. I am very proud of our team for what they accomplished. It was a great thing and I think it shows that we are making progress."

Quoting Pat Fitzgerald after 17-10 win over Iowa: "We fully expected if we could put together 60 minutes of Wildcat football together in all three phases we'd have an opportunity to compete, and to our young men's credit, we did. Especially as the game went along, I thought we continued to get stronger and the credit goes to our players. They worked their tails off in the off-season and throughout the year to try and improve and get better. We thought today would be an advantage for us with the heat. We feel like we're a team that's in great conditioning. We had guys go down, we picked up the flag again and kept on moving. I have to give a lot of credit to Kirk, his staff, and the young men in the Iowa locker room. It's a great football team."

Quoting Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo after 23-21 win over Notre Dame: "We talked all week, we felt like we had them in a perfect storm. There was a lot of talk this week about BCS bowl games - not from their team, but media thinking about what BCS bowl game was coming up. I know Pitt is coming next week and they're a phenomenal team," Niumatalolo said. "So we kind of felt like, hey, if we come out and execute, we'd have a chance to compete. We feel like we're a pretty good team, too."

"As good as Notre Dame is, our approach was to get No. 7. To do it here in historic Notre Dame Stadium, words can't describe how good it feels," Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo said.

Quoting Charlie Weis after 23-21 loss to Navy:Q. Their coach also mentioned that there was a lot of BCS talk going on with Notre Dame, not necessarily from the team, but did you at any point sense that your team was not focused on this game? No, I think it came down to red zone production for us. I think that's really what it came down to. We missed a couple of field goals, we turned the ball over, we missed a couple of field goals. I think in the first half not I think, we had the ball four times in the first half. Getting the ball down into position to score was not the issue; it was scoring that was the issue. And I played it safe there, played it safe there a couple times and went for the field goal, and that didn't pan out. And then we had the one 4th and 3 where we had a play we had been practicing for that situation, and they hit us with a blitz where we just didn't have time to get the ball off. I think that other than that, I think they played the game the right way. Navy played the game the right way, and we kind of spit the bit in the red zone when it came down to red zone production.

Q. This is the kind of loss that is going to put focus on you and your future. How do you handle that and how do you address your team?

But that comes with the territory. It comes with the territory. You know, the sad part about it is that's this job every week. It's a week to week deal. You lose a game against Navy now, let's not diminish or slight Navy in any way because they deserve a lot of credit for how they played and winning this game. But I think that as I just told the team, I coach the team exactly the same way every week regardless of the situation, whether it's a win or lose. One thing they know from me is I never change, never, ever change.
Those type of things affect the people around you more than it affects you personally because I never change. I'm going to roll in tomorrow morning exactly the same way, whether we had won or lost. Does it feel bad? Yeah. Does it hurt? Yeah. But it's not going to change my approach of how I coach.

Quoting Tulane head coach Bob Toledo after 45-38 OT win over UTEP: "There are some emotional guys in that locker room right now. It was unbelievable and they certainly deserved it. We played against an excellent football team, a team that beat Houston and Tulsa. We had a lot of points and yards on those guys. I'm just so proud of our guys. They never gave up and never quit. I know a lot of people have quit on us, but the important thing is we have not quit on ourselves.

"I told them in the locker room about the old Winston Churchill deal. He was very successful and people did not think he was going to be much of anything and he kept going and his final speech was `Never give up, never give up, never give up.' Never. Never. And I tell you what, they never gave up. They played until the end and made some great plays in the course of the game.

Quoting Mike Price after 45-38 OT loss to Tulane: Its kinds of a low point for everybody. We all had plays and things we could have done better. You can't put this on the last play of the game, or the last play of overtime. It's got to be on all of the plays that got us there.

Well, we got three games left and we're still going to play them for all I know. Nobody had cancelled on us.

Quoting Purdue head coach Danny Hope after defeating Michigan 38-36: "We're rebuilding, not reloading," Purdue coach Danny Hope said. "But I can honestly tell you, this team in 2009 never quits. They could have folded their tents when we were 1-5, but they didn't - even when other people were folding up around us."

Spurrier defends play-calling system after game-management debacle vs. Arkansas: "I'm still in charge of the play-calling. I don't call all of them like I used to. But we have a system here that's not bad," Spurrier said. "A lot of times our offensive line coach, he will call the goal line run - run this or run that, or third-and-1 - he'll yell that and we send it in.

"There's all kind of ways to call plays. But ultimately, I'm the head coach and if there's an offensive coordinator title, I got it. So we need to do better. We need to block better and we need to score more points than we've been scoring."

AP Poll ranks USC ahead of Oregon: Oregon State head coach Mike Riley said he doesn't understand how Oregon could be ranked behind USC in the AP poll a week after the Ducks buried the Trojans at Autzen Stadium.

"I don't like it at all,'' said Riley.

"There's something missing there, but it's not a perfect world. We have to put up with stuff like that, but by the end of the year (it sorts itself out).''

Quoting Minnesota head coach Tim Brewster: "People don't know me," he said. "They're not in the film room with me. They're not with me and our football team. Obviously I'm a very driven person. I would love to see perfection. And we really strive for that. When we don't reach that we try to ask ourselves, 'Why? What can we do better?' That's what good coaching is. Screaming, yelling, cussing at a kid? That all sounds good, but is that teaching, is that coaching, is that helping a guy improve? I don't think so. And I've been around both (kinds of coaches)."

Ron English working to stay the course at Eastern Michigan:Link...