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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday November 12, 2009

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Notre Dame assistant Corwin Brown upset with Niumatololo's comments: Notre Dame associate head coach Corwin Brown criticized Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo for his postgame comments about the Irish defensive game plan and for the way the way his team uses what Brown called "malicious'' illegal cut blocks.

"I thought it was very disappointing what the Navy coach said after the game,'' Brown said. "He didn't want something to be misconstrued, then he said it regarding how we prepared and what we prepared to do.'' Link...

Idaho AD refuses to board Boise State themed airplane: University of Idaho Athletic Director Rob Spear says he declined to board a Horizon Air flight after learning the airplane was painted in Boise State's blue and orange colors.

Spear was traveling to Boise on Saturday for fundraising events. He requested another flight and then drove about 90 miles north to fly from the Spokane, Wash., airport to Boise.

Boise State and Horizon Air unveiled the plane, which sports the team logo on its tail, as an ode to the Broncos earlier this month.

Quoting David Cutcliffe: "I absolutely look at the 40-time first," Cutcliffe said. "Football players first. I'm not going to recruit bad football players."

"Obviously, there are kids we realize are not in our profile academically or character-wise, and we drop them," Cutcliffe said. "We disregard their talent at that point in time. That's just our approach to how we do it."

"When you are building a program, the most important thing is obviously first surrounding yourself with good people, which I'm sure we both have done," Cutcliffe said of he and Johnson. "Then it comes to your approach. You know what you know. You work in an area of your expertise if you're smart. There are a lot of ways to skin a cat. If there were one, exact, right way, then I would assume we would all be doing it at all levels of football. That's the beauty of the game. There are different schemes offensively, defensively and in the kicking game."

GA Tech coach Paul Johnson wants a playoff: "I really don't know. There needs to be a playoff, its ridiculous. I can see why you wouldn't want a playoff if you're in the Big Ten. If you win your league, you have a chance to play for the [national] championship. It would be great if seven teams were undefeated at the end, I would like to see how they would explain that. Honestly, you can't worry about it. It's all about where you start. It's clear that you can do it because you do it in the lower levels. I guess the guys that are in charge don't want it."

Did Tulsa cheat vs. Houston??: The injury stoppages were so persistent, UH athletic director Mack Rhoades called the C-USA office to express his concerns over what he considered a blatant gaming of the system. Further fueling UH suspicions is that Dorris and Clinkscale kept falling to the ground within seconds of a certain member of the Tulsa contingent reaching to the ear either as a signal or to scratch a persistent itch.

"It's a fine line, certainly, because you have student-athletes health - that's first and foremost, absolutely," Rhoades said. "So you never want to question part of that. It's difficult when you see the same player - the same two players - continue to go down. That's what makes you question it. I'm just not sure that's good for the spirit of the game."

UH offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen has a more blunt way of describing the practice of faking injuries: "We view it as cheating." The 2009-2010 NCAA Football rule book agrees, stating: "Deliberately teaching players to violate the rules is indefensible. The coaching of intentional holding, beating the ball, illegal shifting, feigning injury, interference, illegal forward passing or intentional roughing will break down rather than aid in the building of the character of players."

Apparently, the Houston radio network didn't appreciate Todd Graham.