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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Wednesday February 17, 2010

The top 64 revenue-producing athletic departments: according to 2008-09 school year data supplied to the department of education. Link...

Charlie Stubbs getting settled at Nicholls State: "You begin a program, and everything is a first," Stubbs said. "The first team meeting, the first this, the first that. I want to do (things) absolutely right the first time, and hopefully I don't have to do them again. Then, all of a sudden, I can do the fun things." Link...

Dan Enos' story about getting the job offer at Central Michigan: "Actually, it's funny, because when Dave Heeke called me and offered me the job, he called me on the phone, it was that night. And I answered the phone, I was like, "Hello?" He said, "Dan, this is Dave. What are you doing?" I said, "Actually we just had a family meeting about getting a dog." And I was just thinking to myself, "Why did I just tell him that?"

Calipari talks about fan in Starkville last night (pretty funny stuff): Link...

Tubs to coach the Red Raider special teams: "That's the only thing (special teams) they're going to let me coach, so I'm going to coach the heck out of it."

Jimbo's "One Voice" policy underway: Jimbo Fisher has instituted a "one voice" policy similar to Nick Saban. No assistants will speak with the media.

Quoting Nebraska OC Shawn Watson: "If we have a guy who's made himself a clear-cut guy, who's separating himself from the bunch, we'll put him in a green jersey. Until then, we're not. I have to find out what we've got and who they are."

"The creativity in our evolution is critical. And it's important in what we're doing right now as coaches - scheme evaluation. It's a somewhat unique time because of what we went through this past season. At the same time, we walk away from it saying there were a lot things we were on the right path with."

"Now, having more competition on our depth chart, having depth, having experience, having healthy players - it's going to allow us to take off and go."

Wisconsin raising ticket prices: Athletics Director Barry Alvarez says season ticket holders will pay $21 more per seat for 7 home games next year if his proposal is approved Friday by the athletic board.

In a letter to fans Tuesday, Alvarez says it would be the first ticket increase since 2007 and help pay for rising costs for travel, scholarships, facilities and other expenses. Each ticket would cost $42.

Army starting Spring Practice: "The idea is to take advantage of the fact that we have the Foley Center," Ellerson said. "Most of spring ball will be done before spring break. Then we will have our spring game (March 26) when we come back. By that time, we'll have more than a handful of guys over time that will be doing track and field.

"Right now it's just a handful, but we are going to recruit that way. We will have a couple of guys doing baseball. That's kind of a new adventure for us. We have not done that before. I think it makes a lot of sense at West Point. Guys are going to be competing and keeping score. We value that at every turn. By going early like that, guys won't get pulled in too many directions."