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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday February 25, 2010

All 329 players going to NFL Combine:Link...

Derek Dooley speech:Video...

Rick Petri back coaching the defensive line at Miami: "Whenever you've been here, you've been here. You never leave. You're always a part of the program, a part of the university. It's not coming back, it's coming home."

Petri said he immediately accepted Shannon's offer, bypassing any consultatiion with his wife, Marsha.

"She said, ‘So you said, yes? So why are you telling me about it?'" Petri joked. "I said, ‘Well, courtesy.'

"It was an easy decision. I was excited to come back."

Quoting Les Miles: "We're going to run the football better. There's no mistake there. We all understand that. We're going to run it with more attitude, and I think our football team will be better for it."

"I don't know when that will strike home. I don't know how soon that characteristic will manifest itself, considering the first two practices all we are allowed to wear are helmets. But I can tell you this, when we get pads on, it will be about rushing the football."

"We're going to have five guys that are coming-off-the-football, physical guys. We're going to find the best guys, and we're going to play them. For us to advance as a football team, we have to continue to be physical. We've kind of re-thought things. We'll change up some drills. We'll review competition and physical play and have more one-on-one drills. And we've got to execute better. We don't need to be penalized. I'm not saying we're going to do a lot or a little (with the passing game), but what we're going to do is we're going to execute best."