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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Tuesday March 2, 2010

Quoting Western Michigan head coach Bill Cubit:"The thing is, (in the Midwest, players) get a Big Ten offer, done," Cubit said. "(In Florida), I can beat Big Ten schools down there. All they want is trust down there. It's a lot different down there. ... You can beat (big schools) down there because (players) don't really care. 'Is it Division I? Do they play a good schedule? And are they going to take care of me?' That's what they care about. It doesn't make any sense to take guys in surrounding states you can't win with."

Quoting and video of FSU linebackers coach Greg Hudson: "They came to find me - that's what I liked," Hudson said. "I didn't have to hunt ... they were anxious to see who was going to coach them. I liked that. They walked right in, sat down and introduced themselves, and asked for help. They wanted to do well."

"The players have really embraced what we're going to put in place for them, and I think it's going to be a good change for them. We have some good clay here. We've just got to mold it right and teach it right, and we'll be OK."

"It was a no-brainer, believe me," Hudson said of his decision to leave his post as East Carolina's defensive coordinator to join the Seminoles. "Coach Fisher knew that if he wanted me to come work here, I was going to come. It was just details after that." Video...

Les Miles moves Russell Shepard to wide receiver, will impact special teams: "Here at LSU I can benefit the team more at the receiver position as well as on special teams," Shepard said. "The Florida game [in 2009] really opened my eyes that I needed to make the switch, and I talked to coach Miles two days later. I don't want to be in games for just five or 10 plays. I want to play 60 snaps a game."

Quoting Central Michigan head coach Dan Enos: "Where are we going to go? We're going to go anywhere we have to. We know this, we need to do a great job within our local area, and, to me, that's the state of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and the city of Chicago. We're going to recruit those areas very hard and do the best we can. Now that being said, we have coaches on our staff that have ties: Joe Tumpkin with South Florida, Kort Shankweiler from Tampa, Terry Samuel from Houston and Jay Johnson has done a great job of recruiting Atlanta over the years. Mike Cummings has done a great job of recruiting the East Coast with the areas of New York and New Jersey, and he's done an outstanding job.

"The farther away you go, the less they know about you and the less you know about them. The further away you go, you start competing with a lot of different people for players, so I think our best chance is here. We will know a lot more about the players if we get a guy from Michigan."

Quoting LA Tech defensive coordinator Tommy Spangler: "D'Anthony is probably as good a D-lineman as we've had here in a while. It sounds crazy, but I believe we can be better on the defensive line. Sometimes those other guys in a round-about way were relying on D'Anthony too much ... knowing he was there to bail them out so to speak.

"Our guys know they'll have to do all the little things better. Play tougher. Play faster. I think as a unit we have a chance to be better. Now will we have any one player as good as D'Anthony, I'm not sure about that. Overall our goal is to have a better D-line."

"I'm excited coach Eggen is kicking back to the DL because I think he'll bring something there that we haven't had in a few years."