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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Wednesday March 3, 2010

Quoting Tommy Tuberville: "We know how to win championships. You can just imagine here the excitement when we do win ... because we're going to win a championship. We're going to win maybe two, maybe three, maybe four. It just depends on what the good Lord wants us to have."

"Whatever happens over in that stadium on Saturday will benefit you, the businesses of this town, the people of this community. It will bring people here. Millions of dollars will be brought into this community because of the success."

(Tuberville said the team needed to see Red Raider banners in the community and bumper stickers on cars.)

"You will be amazed how that helps when we bring recruits to this community, to see the excitement not just in the football program, not just in the field house, not just around campus, but in the community," he said. "You will prosper from this."

"I'm not here to change a lot of things," he said. "I'm here to make it better. I'm here to help you. I'm here to help Texas Tech, and I'm here to win a championship."

Quoting Larry Fedora: "Obviously kicking would be a huge concern right now. We have to be able to kick a ball through the uprights and get better at the entire procedure. Defensively, we have to get better play out of our linebackers and secondary. Offensively, we have to replace four starters on the offensive line, two wide receivers and two running backs."

Quoting Southern Miss DC Todd Bradford: "Our goal is to play more consistently. We didn't play well down the stretch and I know that's not going to come as a surprise to anyone. We need to improve that. 'Finish' has been a big emphasis for us. We have to finish everything we do and finish the season better than last year."

Quoting Nevada head coach Chris Ault: "Most coaches who won eight games would be pretty pleased. I'm not one of them -- not the way it ended," he said, referring to the Wolf Pack's 8-4 regular-season record, which preceded a 45-10 loss to SMU in the Hawaii Bowl on Christmas Eve. "As far as feeling any pressure, it's no more than any other spring since I've been here. I just want to get better."

"(This defense) is a little bit of a new scheme. It's a top priority. We've got to settle in in the front (defensive line), the movement of the front and the alignment of the front. We're still a four-man secondary, but the techniques are much different. It will provide us to be in better position without so much movement."

Quoting Georgia DC Todd Grantham: "Scheme is important and we're going to have a good scheme, but fundamentals are really critical and having players that can make plays is critical. I think it's really critical that you develop your fundamentals in spring practice. It's still a fundamental game. It's about attacking a blocker, being aggressive, knocking a guy back, getting off a block and finishing a play, and those are things we're going to emphasize."