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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday March 4, 2010

Les Miles compliments assistants Billy Gonzales and Frank Wilson: "It's fun to watch Billy and Frank coach. Both guys seem to get along well with the players. They come in remarkably informed and ready to coach."

Quoting Mike London: "In this profession, being a football coach [is being] more than that - a role model, a mentor, and having an awesome obligation to basically raise other people's sons ... You look a parent in the eye and say, ‘I'm gonna take care of your son,' and mean it. In the end, the greatest accomplishment will be the development of that player and that person. And then, have fun and win games along the way."

"Off-the-field things can take priority, which will lead to on-the-field success. Building young men of character: go to class, show class, and treat people with dignity and respect. I think the first part of this is to set those expectations back in motion again that you're here to get an education. [If] you can take care of foundational things, I think what you'll see on the field will speak for itself."

Quoting Joe Paterno: "It's a great opportunity for a kid. Get a good education, understand what football can do for them, a sense of loyalty, commitment, how as a group you can get good things done. But, most of all, they better go to class ... Where the football becomes more important than the whole educational experience, they're picking the wrong spot. And I tell them that."

"We've got to be careful that we don't lose sight of the fact that we're supposed to be educators. We've lost what should be our mission, [to] take a bunch of young kids and make sure football is a meaningful experience for them that helps them 10, 15, 20 years from now."

Skip Holtz talks uniforms:"I do believe there will be a couple of changes. The players have talked to me about white helmets. They want to go with white shoes. One thing I've been told (by administration) is, 'Don't bring up black uniforms.' That's where we are. I'm not into coming up with fancy uniforms with crazy stripes everywhere."

Quoting Colorado defensive backs coach Ashley Ambrose: "I expect our guys to be the leaders of the defense. I always shoot for the top. I raise the bar, and they already know that. That`s one thing about me. I`m a very prideful guy. I`m a guy who is very competitive and that`s what I want them to be. I don`t want them to shy away from anything.

"We`re going to be very aggressive. We`re going to go after the ball and we`re going to do what it takes to lead the nation and be the best secondary."

What I hope to accomplish is for my guys to be more physical, to make more plays. I mean last year we could have had way more interceptions. We`re going to focus on catching the ball, forcing fumbles and just causing turnovers. I expect our guys to be the leaders of the defense."