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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Sunday March 7, 2010

Bo Pelini compliments Will Muschamp: "There are a lot of differences between our defense and theirs. But philosophically, there definitely are a lot of similarities in how we go about things. I have a lot of respect for him as a coach, and he's a stand-up guy."

Nebraska OC Shawn Watson talks about Muschamp: "Two things stick out. He has an excellent nickel-down defense. It's exceptionally well-planned. The other thing I've always admired about his work is, he's got this league well-defended - you know, the spread offenses - with his personnel and the way he's structured his defense."

"He's done a complete job, on normal downs and nickel downs, which is where games by and large are won and lost. He has some good answers."

"They'll hide that guy and bring him from everywhere as a pass rusher. It's about who's doing what. Plus, Will doesn't get outmatched. He doesn't get a linebacker matched on a running back or receiver. He'll match-play you."

Quoting West Virginia head coach Bill Stewart: "I think I have the best offensive coordinator in football. I don't blink when I say that. I think have the best offensive staff in football. I will tell you why - because we know what we are doing and who we are doing it with."

Quoting West Virginia OC Jeff Mullen: "This is the best time of year to be a football coach. It is an absolute because you get to scheme. A lot of us enjoy sitting in the film room looking at the offense and defense and finding out what you did bad and what you do good and you don't have the stress of a Saturday game with 60,000 gold pom-poms out there."

"The big word on the day has been development, and I want to use that term loosely because it doesn't mean rebuild. We to have develop, especially on our side of the ball."

"We have got to develop in so many ways. We need to have that offensive line continue to step up. We played five kids the entire season last year, every snap, every game. That is unheard of. You want to talk about a tough group of kids. Bang your head against a brick wall 70-plus times a game for 12 straight weeks. I can't say enough about what coach (Mike) Joseph is doing in the weight room to help them do that and keep them healthy. My hat goes off to those kids."

Quoting Dabo Swinney: "Everybody on our team, with the exception of two new guys, they all understand championship caliber. They can take themselves back to that sick feeling in the locker room, being a minute short of being ACC champs. Either you're championship caliber or not. What that commitment is, what the standard of excellence, that has got to be our mentality."

"We answered a lot of those questions last year, and we're at a different point right now than we were last year. We're at a different point as a staff. We're not new. We know exactly what we have to do, how to practice, and we have a good feel for our personnel."

"Mentally, we're better, and that's really what we're looking for this spring. We should be a smarter team and a smarter staff. Hopefully that'll show day one when we hit the field."

"Defense is about the three ‘T's. Tackling, toughness and takeaways is what we continue to emphasize. We should be a smarter team on defense and I hope it really shows with consistency."

Quoting Colorado OC Eric Kiesau: "I want to emphasize I'm not changing the offense to fit what those other teams are doing. If I watched 500 clips of a team and saw three concepts of what we do, all I did was try to watch those three . . . I didn't try to take something new and grab it. How did they run it, what's their counter play off of it, get some of those ideas."

"What I want to do this year is simplify, maybe even oversimplify - which is going to make it better for our staff, our players. We're just going to let them have the ability to go out there and play fast."

"I've probably watched more film than I have ever. And I've kind of refined and said this is what we've done well over the last four years, this is what we did well last year with these players, this is what other teams do very well that fits into what we're doing . . .

"And I think I've got it narrowed down to a good little package that I'll take through spring. Then we're going to chop it down even more, because I want - and I've told the offensive staff this - as we go through spring I want them to see this block of plays we've done well with for the last couple of years. Now, let's see if we can refine it even more."

Quoting Mark Richt: "I told them after practice I was kind of sad we're going to spring break now because you tend to lose a little bit of your mentality and the physical and mental toughness you developed in the mat drills. Spring break is spring break, there's not much you can do about it."

Oklahoma State quarterback talks about OC Dana Holgorsen: "He's big on just being a football player and making plays," quarterback Brandon Weeden said. He's not real big on being too specific. He just (says) it's a game of football, be athletic and make a play."

Georgia safety talks about DC Todd Grantham: "You can tell he came from the league," safety Nick Williams said. "You can tell he's used to coaching grown men, too."