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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday March 11, 2010

Quoting Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano: "We're a really young football team. It's like 62 of our 85 scholarship players, when we report to training camp, will have three or four years of eligibility remaining. It's one of those deals where we've got to develop our younger players, but at the same time, it's not an excuse."

Quoting Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham: "We've lost three starting linebackers, three starters in the secondary and four really good receivers. Those three areas are job one this spring. I think everyone aspires to have enough depth and good young players coming up, that personnel losses don't hurt you as much. We're a little short on experience, but not on talent. Our No.1 goal every year is to win the Mountain West. That won't change this year."

Dabo Swinney wants a spring scrimmage: "Let's go play Georgia. Don't you think that could generate some good money with all the Clemson fans and Georgia fans? Let's split the gate down the middle."

"You don't want to spend spring game-planning for another team. We are not going to max blitz. The NFL does it all the time, practicing against each other. Plus, I think you would generate a lot of revenue, and that's the opportunity I see in this."

Quoting Jeff Tedford: "I've been in a really bad mood for a long time. You're always irritable after a loss, but then you have the next week to do something about it. You're forced to move on. It really leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you lose a bowl game, and I'm sure it does for the whole team. We need to improve. We want to make sure we stay positive, but if we want to compete, we have to make sure we're getting better."

Randy Shannon responds when asked if Miami has anymore scholarships open: "No. Filled. Done. History. We just don‘t have anything."

Quoting Tommy Tuberville: "There's a lot of different ways to skin a cat, but I've got my ideas about Texas Tech and the direction it needed to go in a lot areas for us to have that opportunity to win a championship. We'll change a few things here, but the bottom line, it's about people, it's about players and it's about being consistent with what you're doing."